Vol 15. Issue 15, Leduc - Wetaskiwin Pipestone Flyer

Dear Editor,

The National Leaders' Debate takes place this week. Leaders of the Conservative, Liberal, ND parties will attend. I'm good with those three appearing. Instead of the Green Party's Elizabeth May, voters in Veg-Wain. will hear the opinions of Gilles
Duceppe, a man who wants to destroy Canada. This is a slap in the face of voters in this riding who can vote Green but
have no way to show their distaste for the Bloc Quebec.

As I've listened to the radio this week, read local newspapers and even watched the national news on TV, I'm struck with the fact that the Green Party seems to have been excluded... not only from the debates... but from the election entirely. Canadians respect democracy. Nearly 1 in 10 Canadian voted Green in the last election, and are prepared to do so again. The Green platform, released last week appeals to more and more mainstream Canadians, yet somehow, we
don't get the coverage the percentage of our vote would suggest.

Canadians are not afraid of honest and respectful debate, or of new ideas. As the Green candidate in this election, I'll answer questions 'til the cows come home (no limits... and I don't care who your facebook friends are). While I don't expect everyone to vote for me, I do expect I'll be given the chance to speak and be heard. Elizabeth May has been barred from the debates while a separatist is allowed in. Many voters in Vegreville-Wainwright hate this. I encourage everyone to attend the all-candidate forum nearest them... to take democracy into their own hands and to decide for themselves whether we Greens have a place in the national debate.

Silencing the voices of a million Canadians is not something most Canadians condone... even if they are not prepared to vote Green.

Will Munsey

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