Vol 15. Issue 15, Leduc - Wetaskiwin Pipestone Flyer

The regular Leduc County Council meeting was called to order on March 28 at 1:30 p.m. by Mayor John Whaley.

New County staff member, Ms. Miranda Brown, Administrative Assistant Enforcement Services, was introduced to Council Members.

Mr. Bob Galloway, Fire Chief, presented Councillor John Schonewille with a plaque for his 23 years of service as a  volunteer firefighter with Leduc County.

Appointment of Fire Guardians
C o u n c i l l o r Schonewille moved that Leduc County Council approve the appointment of the following as Fire Guardians
for 2011:
• New Sarepta Rural Area - Rena & Karl Goldgrabe, Martin Alexander.
• Nisku Rural Area - Ron Chamulka.
• Millet Rural Area - Derek Day.
• Leduc Rural Area - Eldon Bienert, Ed Dalmar, Doug Wetter.
• Calmar Rural Area - Curtis Henkelmann, Larry Sendziak, Berwyn Miller
• Thorsby Rural Area - Larry Sendziak, Dennis & Bernice Gruninger, Vincent Halwa, Russell Harrison.
• Warburg Rural Area - Metro Seniak, David Sulz.

County Fire Services
Bob Galloway
Yvonne Byl
Darrell Fleming
Scott Roberts
Jason Ertman
Roger Anger
Chris Kolasa
Rob Csolle
Brad Gurmin
Darcy Kublik
Doryl Schmidt
Duane South
Jay Kapicki.

Transfer Stations - Tammy Elzinga, Utilities Officer
Bylaw Enforcement (purpose of enforcement only)
Acting Manger of Enforcement Services Andy Patterson.

Community Peace Officers: Eric Brand, Colleen Ferguson and Shane Gerbrandt.
Fire Chiefs (purposes of fire suppression only),
• Fire Chief Rick Carstairs, Warburg.
• Fire Chief Tim Blackmore, Calmar.
• Fire Chief Ernie Polsom, City Leduc.
• Fire Chief Norm Osness, Thorsby.
• Fire Chief Kerry Palmerchuk, Millet.

Public Works Supervisory  Personnel (purposes of fire suppression only),
• Deryld Dublanko, Manager, Maintenance and Materials Supply.
• Floyd Norman, Area 1 Foreman.
• Grant Kelto, Area 2 Foreman.
• Charlie Sasyniuk, Construction Foreman.
• Ken Kalinsky, Special Projects.

Councillor Harrison made a motion that Leduc County Council approve the updated Fire Services Department Policies and Procedures Manual, and Councillor Mackay moved that the Leduc County Fire Services 2010 year end statistics be received as information.

Leduc/Nisku EDA - Budget Consideration
Councillor John Schonewille moved that Leduc Council approve funding in the amount of $15,000 to the Leduc/Nisku  economic Development Authority to conduct an independent review of the Authority to ensure the benefits are optimized and positioned to stimulate economic growth, and that it is understood the City of Leduc will contribute to a maximum of $15,000 to match the Invest Canada- Community Initiatives federal grant of $30,000 to complete the project.

Councillor Stumph moved that the Public Works Committee meeting be rescheduled from Monday, April 18 to Monday, April 11, due to Council's attendance at the Pembina River District No. 3 meeting on April 18, 2011.

Public Hearing - Highway 19 ASP
Mayor Whaley advised that administration staff provided information on the draft Highway 19 Area Structure Plan at the March 8 hearing and recommended reconvening of the hearing to allow administration time to evaluate all referral  responses, the formal feedback from Capital Region Board Administration, the City of Edmonton, and Edmonton Airports.

Ms. Eleanor Mohammed, Planner II, presented the following information:
1. Feedback has been received from the Capital Region Board and their Third Party Evaluator, ISL Engineering and Land
Services. Both reports have been summarized by County Administration, as the CRB administration prepared the reports in accordance with the Regional Evaluation Framework Process and not as a submission for the Highway 19 ASP Hearing.
2. A letter was received from the Edmonton Airports in support of the Highway 19 ASP.
3. Further to the letter from the City of Edmonton that was introduced at the hearing on March 8, a letter was sent by County Administration to the City of Edmonton requesting clarification on the issues that the City has with Highway 19 ASP, to which no formal response has been received yet.

As a registered speaker, Mr. Russell Dauk, Vice President, Rohit Group on behalf of Remington Corporation, spoke on appreciation for the value of the Highway 19 ASP, but expressed great concern with the recent comments stated by other stakeholders including the City of Edmonton and the Capital Region Board suggesting the Highway 19 plan encompasses too large an area and will not be supported by them.

With the purpose of facilitating the approvals and ultimate development of Discovery Park, careful consideration has led to the conclusion that in order to achieve the goal of developing Discovery Park, a way must be found to move ahead independently of the Highway 19 ASP. In that vein, Mr. Dauk proposed the undertaking of a new local ASP that is able to stand on its own, seeking Council's support of a new goal of obtaining all the necessary planning approvals in 2011 and allow for construction to commence in 2012.

With no questions from Council and no other speakers, Mayor Whaley closed the Public Hearing. Councillor Mackay moved
that the present Highway 19 ASP, as presented, be delayed.

Public Hearing - Amendment to Saunders Lake Area Structure Plan
Jordan Evans, Planner I, provided an overview for Council on the Amendment to Bylaw No. 15-04 and Leduc County Land Use Bylaw No. 7-08 to allow for temporary uses on Pt. N.W. (WH)07-50-24-W4th. The land is currently Districted CS-Service Commercial in the Land Use Bylaw 7-08, the applicants, Scheffer-Andrew/ Camgill, have applied to redistrict the lands from the Service Commercial District to the Direct Control District to accommodate a temporary General Industrial Use for a ten year renewable term. The Development Permit Application which has been submitted to the County for this
parcel proposes a module assembly yard including outdoor storage and temporary office buildings.

Following more discussion, questions and information, Councillor Kelto moved that Bylaw No. 13-11 be given first reading to amend the Saunders Lake ASP Bylaw No. 15-04. Councillor Harrison moved for second reading, and Councillor Mackay moved that Bylaw No. 13-11 be given third reading with the unanimous consent of the Council Members present. Councillor Glassman moved that Bylaw 13-11 be given third reading. Councillor Mackay moved that Bylaw No. 14-11 be given first reading to amend the Leduc County Land Use Bylaw No. 7-08. Councillor Kelto moved for second reading, Councillor
Stumph moved that Bylaw 14-11 be given third reading with the unanimous consent of the Council Members present, and Councillor Schonewille moved that Bylaw 14-11 be given third reading.

Parks and Recreation
Dean Ohnysty, Director, presented the following items for the Parks and Recreation Department.
1. Library Board Appointments.
C o u n c i l l o r Schonewille moved that Leduc County Council appoint the following applicants to the Leduc County Library Board:
• One Year - Pearl Gregor, Carrie Findlay-Boudy.
• Two Years - Shanna Lawrence, Alice Rapp.
• Three Years - Mary Ann Lippiatt, Diane Relland.
• Council Members - Audrey Kelto, Jocelyn Mackay.

Wizard Lake Boating Advisory
Councillor Glassman moved that Leduc County Council approve the Terms of Reference for the Wizard Lake Boating Advisory Committee and direct Administration to proceed with advertising for Committee appointments.

Parks and Rec Status Report
Councillor Kelto moved that the Parks and Recreation Status Report for the period January - March, 2011, be received as information.

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