Town of Millet Council - March 23, 2011

Vol 15. Issue 16, Leduc - Wetaskiwin Pipestone Flyer

The regular Millet Council meeting was brought to order at 6:00 p.m. by Mayor Rob Lorenson.

Bylaw No. 2011/02
The Municipal Planning Bylaw #2011/02 was moved by Councillor Eleanor Pydde to be given first reading. Councillor
Storey moved for second reading, and Councillor Garrett moved that approval be granted for the presentation of Bylaw #2011/02 for third reading. Councillor Lalande moved that Bylaw 2011/02 be given third and final reading.

New Business
C.A.O. Terry Pelletier stated that all requested changes from the budget meeting of March 11, 2011, were reflected in the present budget.

Councillor Pat Garrett moved that the 2011 Operating budget be approved, as presented, and Councillor Eleanor Pydde moved that the 2011 Capital budget be approved, as presented.

Councillor Ron Buchaski moved that Mayor Lorenson attend and make a brief speech at the Volunteer Week Appreciation Night on April 13.

Policy 24 - Hall Rental Rates
In regard to increasing hall rental fees, Council decided against separating costs of the hall and kitchen combined from the hall only. Councillor Wadworth noted that even with the slight increase in July of this year, Millet's rates will still be lower than any neighbouring communities. Mayor Lorenson asked that all groups be made aware of the increase in plenty of time to  allow for it.

C o u n c i l l o r Buchaski inquired when the  last time the rates were increased, and C.A.O. Pelletier stated that it had been sixteen years. The raise in utility cost over the past sixteen years warrants an increase in operating expenses, said Buchaski. Council decided to take a look at the issue again after the renovations are complete.

Councillor Pydde moved that the Town of Millet recognize June 6 - 12, 2011 as Senior's Week.

Reserve Transfers
Councillor Storey moved that the Town transfer the accumulated surplus in the amount of $509,797.90 as follows:
• $29,651.00 to Agriplex Reserve
• $33,503.00 to Major Facility Reserve
• $55,612.90 to Capital Equipment Replacement
• $379,512.00 to General Revenue
• $5,512.00 to Water Offsite Levy
• $5,997.00 to Sewer Offsite Levy

Councillor Lalande made a motion that Mayor Lorenson and Councillors Pydde, Garrett and Buchaski attend the Leaders of Tomorrow Awards Ceremony on April 11.

The Town of Millet Council received from Millet Minor Ball a request to have the room rental fee waived for the team's registration. Mayor Lorenson stated that he thought the Town should do everything possible to assist and support any youth activities in Millet. Council agreed, and Councillor Storey moved that the rental fees for the Hugo Witt room be waived for registration night on March 30.

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