The April 11 Leduc City Council meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by Deputy Mayor Young.

2010 Financial Statements
Scott Walker and Benji Waser of Meyers Norris Penny LLP were in attendance to present Council with the 2010 Audited Financial Statements.  An Audit Findings Report was also provided.  Council thanked Mr. Walker and Mr. Waser for the presentation.
Alderman Mishio moved that Council approve the 2010 Audited Financial Statements as audited by Meyers Norris Penny.
EDA Visioning/Review
Paul Benedetto, City Manager, presented Council with an update on the EDA Visioning/Review Steering Committee.  At a joint meeting in February, the City of Leduc Council and Leduc County Council, the two primary funding municipalities for Leduc-Nisku EDA, discussion focused on EDA's future vision and mission, governance and funding structures.  It was agreed that an independent review would ensure that benefits from their participation in the EDA are being optimized.
Alderman Finstad moved that Alderman Dana Smith and Glen Finstad be appointed as the City's political representation on the Steering Committee and that City Manager Paul Benedetto be appointed as the City's Administrative Representative on the Committee.
Grant Application 
Relay for Life
The Canadian Cancer Society will host their 2nd Annual Leduc Relay for Life on June 3 at the Leduc Civic Centre and Alexandra Arena.  The event is a twelve hour overnight walk designed to be inspirational and fun.  Over 150 volunteers will be needed for the event that aims to raise $105,000.  The Society applied for a grant to help offset facility rental costs.
Alderman Mishio moved that Council award a grant to the Canadian Cancer Society for $1,500 to help offset costs of hosting the 2011 Leduc Relay for Life.
1.  Bylaw No. 763-2011 
A municipality may prepare an assessment for any improvements that are completed during the current taxation year that were not included in the current year's assessment and tax notice.  This Bylaw provides the City with the ability to assess and tax new buildings and/or building improvements for the portion of the year in which they were completed.
Alderman Smith moved that Bylaw No. 763-2011 be given first reading.  Alderman Finstad moved that Bylaw 763-2011 be given second reading.  Alderman Mishio moved that Bylaw No. 763-2011 be considered for third reading, and Alderman Lazowski moved that Bylaw 763-2011 be given third reading.
2. Bylaw No. 764-2011 
Mr. Mike Peters, General manager, Infrastructure & Planning, provided Council with an overview of Bylaw No. 764-2011, the purpose of the proposed Bylaw being to redistrict 19.30 ha of part of Lot 1, Block B, Plan 1026379 from U-R - Agriculture - Urban Reserve to M-1 - Industrial - Light Industrial; M-2 - Industrial - Medium Industrial; and U-S - Utilities - Urban Services.  The redistricting will allow for the future development of Harvest Industrial Park Stage 1.
Alderman Mishio moved that Bylaw No. 764-2011 be given first reading
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