Quad Woes 1

 Dear Editor: 

In  response to Mr. Fairway’s letter to the editor in the Pipestone Flyer, May 5th edition, I agree with Mr Fairway completely. This amended act is definitely made by the farmers for the farmers and people who have held onto their fuel tax exemption, even though they no longer farm, having rented out their land. I feel that the rest of the land owners in our county are being severely discriminated by this bylaw. Do our dictators in office not realize a lot more money in our tax base comes from  small holdings, acreages, etc., than from farms? Do the rest of us not deserve something for our tax dollars? I realize that there have to be traffic laws for driving any type of machine. Can anyone explain what we get for having our atvs, quads etc. licensed? Where can we use them, other than on private property? Can 31 other counties be wrong on their amendment of this law? 
          Are our polititions so bored that they have to discriminate against ATV owners by implementing this bylaw? These people helped them get elected. If they need something to help fill their time, I would suggest we buy them some yarn and knitting needles, then they could make socks, toques and mitts for the homeless I am quite certain it would be appreciated.
Clarence Claerhout
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