Parachuting in Candidates

 Dear Editor:

This is in response to Wetaskiwin Times  Editorial May 4 in which they stated "Parachuting in candidates who do nothing, not even show up for an all-candidates forum in their own riding, do nothing but harm, not help, their party of choice." 
Please note that none of the Liberal Candidates who have run in the last four federal elections were parachuted into our riding. 
Chris Anderson lives in Blackfalds, Rita Dillon lives near Winfield, Peter Crossley lives in Rocky, and Rick Bonnett lives in Ponoka. 
In the recent campaign, Chris Anderson led the way in contemporary communications, and, since his work called him away, wanted to take part in the Election Forums using Skype.   He was turned down by all of the towns that put on election forums excepting Rimbey.  
Persons who have the gumption to stand for election to public office must still earn a living.  When he was nominated, Chris thought he would be working in our area; but working people must go where the work is, and a contractual obligation as a commercial electrician took him to Winnipeg during part of the election campaign.  Professionally he had no choice but to go where his job demanded. 
I ask you Mr. LeBlanc would you like someone to run for Parliamentary Office who could not be trusted to do the job he was being paid for? 
When the people of the Wetaskiwin riding step up to the plate with their cheque books and their volunteer time to make our electoral process truly competitive, you may be assured that there will once again be a Liberal candidate campaigning hard in this riding.
I would also point out that through an innovative technology called "First Contact", Chris took questions from a potential thirty thousand of his neighbours during a telephone town hall meeting.   In its edition of April 28th, Millet’s Pipestone Flyer published good coverage of that story in an article by Linda M. Steinke.  The Times seems to have missed it.                    
Roger C. Buxton
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