Single Moms Be Proud

In the early 1900's an unmarried female bearing a child was preferred to be neither seen nor heard, something “one just didn't speak of ..”, a blight on a family's reputation as well as the future of the mother to-be. The unmarried mother was either shipped off to a distant aunt or grandmother, to return after a six month holiday, or, in other cases, was simply ‘put out' to fend for herself.

Over the years ideas changed and people realized that an unwed mother was not always totally to blame for the condition she found herself in. Families began to give shelter and somewhat grudgingly at times, there was acceptance and responsibility for their daughter and they stood up to public ridicule and disgrace. Even good christian families took up the practice.

Today and over the past 100 years, unfortunately some things haven't changed. One being that many a good girl, from a good family does find herself in the family way. Once again, it might become quite an ‘issue.’ Yet, in this day and age, the options are boundless to young single others. Here I wish to assure the reader the issue of abortion is not included on my mention of “options” to a single mom.

Charitable organizations, Health Care programs, including care and emotional support groups and educational programs exist where a young mother-to-be can feel comfortable knowing she can complete her pregnancy (once called “confinement” in all strictness terms) as well as her education and continue on into a positive future for herself,and hopefully her child as well.

May 7th, 2011, saw this century enjoying, celebrating and catering to Wetaskiwin's single Moms. The annual Single Mom's Day of Appreciation was hosted at the Wetaskiwin Community Pentecostal Church hall, with love and all the fringe benefits; the youngest enjoying the day out with Mom, a mere seven weeks old!

According to Leslie, one of the organizers of this years event, they are indebted to the church for offering it's building each year to such a noteworthy and in every way, positive cause.

Being a single mom for ten years, I have a tad of knowledge of the trials and hardships and eventual achievements when a woman/girl, alone with a child or children finds those reaching hands, and realizes she can make it. She begins to discover determination, self-respect and an inner knowledge that she herself is in control, and she can choose the proper pathway for herself and her child. She can shed the apprehension, the loss of dignity, loneliness and feelings of being alienated from family and old friends.

Saturday, May 7th, from 9-4 pm some 23 single moms attended a day of fun, relaxation and friends as they were treated to such luxuries as a personal manicure, hair wash, cut and style by local hairstylists and a wonderful foot and back massage offered by none other than “Heart and Soul Massage and Wellness Centre” of Wetaskiwin (way to go, ladies!) with manicures, massages and haircare going all day long, giving a very special treat to deserving moms.

A wonderful hot and cold lunch was available as mothers enjoyed the day of being pampered, and letting their little ones “run rampant” downstairs with games, crafts and videos as entertainment.

This year’s day of appreciation for single moms was joyously reflected in the faces of moms, children and grandmothers in attendance. Organizers, volunteers and sponsors were rewarded by the success of the day.

Now, what are we (Wetaskiwin) doing for our single Dads in June?


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