Lakedell $-H Shows Good Beef

 The Lakedell 4-H Beef Club Achievement Day Show and Sale is one of the most interesting because the animals shown are so much more than yearlings finished ready for the butcher and the freezer.  Of course, there were the finished steers, and a fine lot they were.  They all showed very fine care and handling, showed that their young owners are well on the way to becoming excellent livestock producers.  Of the five Junior Members, Ashley Schmidt had the first place steer and Austin Schmidt had the second place steer.  Of the three Intermediate Members, Tanya Schmidt's steer took first place while Tony Schmidt's steer took second place.  The steer of Senior Member Lyndon Stewart took first place while the second place Senior Steer belonged to Chantelle Stewart.  Lyndon Stewart's steer went on to become Grand Champion with Tanya Schmidt having the Reserve Champion Steer.  The steers later sold for $2.60 per pound and up.  The last of the ten steers sold for $4.20 per pound.  Club members are donating 10%  of their steer proceeds to the Pigeon Lake Fire Hall. 
 There were also three female classes.  Five yearling heifers were shown, with Emily Henschel taking first place with the oldest of the five, and Tanya Schmidt having the second place heifer.  Three cow/calf pairs were shown in the class for two year old cows with Tanya Schmidt's pair taking first place, and Chantelle Stewart's pair taking second place.  In the cow/calf pairs for three year old cows, Tony Schmidt's pair came in first over his only competition, Chantelle Stewart.  The Grand Champion cow/calf pair was that of Tony Schmidt, with Tanya Schmidt having the Reserve Champion pair.  The three year old cow belonging to Tony Schmidt was also the Grand Champion Female while Emily Henschel's yearling heifer was the Reserve Champion Female.
 To enter the Herdsman Class, a member had to show a steer and two females at this event.  Tony Schmidt withdrew from competition in the Herdsman Class, leaving Tanya Schmidt with her steer, yearling heifer and two year old cow with calf to compete against Chantelle Stewart with her steer, yearling heifer, two year old cow with calf and three year old cow with calf.  Tanya Schmidt was given first place.  The comment was made that, “The steers finance the herd and the females grow the herd.”
 The Conformation Judge was Colleen Prefontaine, and the Showmanship and Grooming Judge was Nathan Stone.  Prefontaine has impressive background experience including nine years as a 4-H member, 18 years as a 3rd generation 4-H leader, and life on a cattle farm.  She certainly has the qualifications, but is the confirmation of Angus cattle really as superior as she seems to think?  Nathan Stone was a member of the Lakedell 4-H Beef Club for eight years and was also in a judging club and was a 4-H ambassador.  The highlight of his 4-H experience was being part of the Alberta Provincial Multi-Species Judging Team at the Denver National Western Roundup in 2002.
 Also noticeable at the show and sale was the tremendous support which family and community give this 4-H club.  The club appreciates this support and extends its thanks to the families, community, buyers and sponsors.

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