What Would Jesus Do?

Dear Editor,

 Rarely do your articles not contain mention of how a good Christian can only vote Conservative.  Yet I do not recall any part of the Bible where Jesus says to the people, ”To hell with all of you suckers! You guys don’t got no money, so why should I care ‘bout your problems?” Yet that is exactly what the Conservative Party does.  It holds to a capitalist system – something which is devoid of Christian values, or really of any except Mammon, the worship of the Almighty dollar and nothing more.  And “ye cannot serve God and Mammon” (Luke 16:13).
 In capitalism, there is no God, and certainly none of that love Jesus liked so much.  So often do you see in capitalist systems, the honest, hard-working fellow who has fallen on hard times, and is left to rot in the ditch.  His poverty must be due to laziness, everyone assumes.  Never do the questions occur: “Who would choose to go hungry? Who would choose to spend the night on the streets freezing to death in –50C weather?” Because, of course, every good capitalist knows that if you’re a good person, a hard worker, then you’ll make money.  And yet, according to the gospel of Luke, it was poor, sick, starving Lazarus that went to Heaven, and the rich man who spent eternity in Hell.
 And if people realize that the poor aren’t poor because they’re lazy, then it’s assumed that they must be drug addicts, instead, who brought their misfortune upon themselves anyway. Even assuming that to be true for the sake of argument, even though it’s about as close to reality as the galaxy UDFj-39546284 is to Earth, one must realize that Jesus wouldn’t just sit back and watch them poison themselves. He would step in and try to help the poor wretches.  Did He say to the non-believers, ”Oh, gee, you know, I’m sorry but you’re a lost cause. Bye now!” No, Jesus was no weak-willed defeatist – and when He saw someone having a hard time, He went and helped them! It didn’t matter whether their condition was due to things beyond their control or was brought upon themselves. He was determined to help everyone and ensure they became good and righteous people! And if even more than two thousand years later, billions of people still look up to Jesus’ example, I thing it’s safe to say He made a fairly big impact.
 No, having a lot of money has never been a sign that a person is good, noble, and a hard worker.  What riches did Jesus have?  And do you really think the Syncrude executives over in Fort McMurray got rich by adhering to principles and morality? By looking out for the common man rather that himself, as Jesus did? Or do you think they got all that money by not having a care in the world as to how many of god’s children and creatures fell ill or dies due to their irresponsibility, as long as their wallets were still getting fatter? Considering their reaction to hearing about all the children who are sick from their wanton spewing of toxins, and the animals who are either mutated or dead from them, I would think not. Not that the tar sands don’t benefit the economy, but when people thinks it’s more important to have a few ore dollars than have a healthy family, then something is seriously wrong.
 Capitalism places all its emphasis on money, rather than the kindness of one’s heart.  It was not the capitalist Conservative Party that brought healthcare to Canada, it was the founder of the socialist N.D.P. Only natural, since the latter was a minister, and having been quite familiar with the Bible, knew that Jesus never told the lepers to take a hike because they didn’t have thousands upon thousands of dollars to pay for treatment.  Because Jesus knew that “he that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much.” (Luke 16:10)
 We would all be carrying out God’s will if we simply adhered to Jesus’ ideal of socialism, and helped those who need it, regardless of why they need it. “And now abeideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.”


Wessley Anderson


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