CAO’s Report
 The Water Treatment Plant is scheduled to be largely completed by the end of July. Commissioning and transfer from the former plant will occur in August or September. “The plant’s computerized control system is state-of-the-art and will allow for the monitoring of the Buford metering station, 2nd reservoir, and wastewater lift station. The control system will be able to be monitored and manipulated from off-site locations.”
Mosquito Spraying
 None of the communities in the capital region, except for Edmonton, spray for mosquitoes.  Because spraying is not a straight-forward, simple undertaking and because the process includes gaining provincial approval, CAO Wynne recommends not spraying.
 CAO is presently working on the lease agreement with the Black Gold School Superintendent Dr. Norm Yanitsky and his officials. The agreement will see development of a bus lane, parent drop off area and staff parking at Thorsby Elementary School on a portion of 48th Ave. (between the elementary and junior/senior high school).
Community Fit, Ltd.
 Sheri Morrissey and Melinda Pharis met with Council to introduce their fitness company—Community Fit, Ltd.,  a small non-profit group that will provide fitness options for family related events and group fitness at the Recreation Complex. 
 Morrissey and Pharis have made an equipment inventory at the Rec Complex noting the need for various pieces of fitness equipment—body bars, yoga mats, certain types of weights.  
 Community Fit will host the Family Fun Run on August 20, 2011 featuring a 2-5 km walk and a 5 km walk/run. 
 As well, on December 17, Community Fit will host a Christmas Gala featuring a catered meal with a band.  Mayor Rasch commended the women for “getting community spirit going.”
 Mr. Mann, representative of a consortium looking to develop a $40 million project, made a brief presentation at Council requesting a meeting of representative Council members for their input. Mayor Barry Rasch, Councillor Rick Hart and CAO Harold Wynne will meet with a consortium to discuss the potential first-stage of the $40 million project. Following the meeting, the Councillors and CAO may confer with the rest of Council to develop a memorandum of understanding. Details of the project or consortium membership were not released to the public.
 Local area Genesee residents are invited to attend the Second Annual Research Field Day at Capital Power’s Genesee Mine.  Wednesday, June 29. Pancake breakfast at the Genesee Community Hall runs from 8:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m..  Buses depart the hall at 9:30 a.m.  Call Capital Powers Community Outreach at 780-848-8474 or Lee at 780-392-5228.
 Thorsby Volunteers are invited to a free family magic show on Saturday, June 25, 2011 from 12:30 to 3:30 PM at the Thorsby Community Centre.  Light lunch and drinks will be available.  RSVP at 780-789-4004 and leave a message.  The event is sponsored by the Government of Alberta and the Village of Thorsby FCSS and Recreation departments.
 Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks, and Wildlife Foundation recently awarded Thorsby Recreation Area $2,000 for the 2011 Municipal Recreation/Tourism Areas annual operating grant.
 Council approved the use of 30 yard bins for grass clippings on a trial basis on the last week of each month and to re-evaluate as to usage and cost. 
 Council discussed the need for a concerted campaign regarding the need to “save the sanitary, don’t dump the sump.”
 July and August Council Meetings:  Regular Council will meet the second Tuesday.  The Committee of the Whole [CoW] will meet the fourth Tuesday. Both meetings are open to the public. 
 Councillor Pharis brought to Council’s attention the state of the soccer fields, parking issues at the Rec. Centre and piles of construction rubble not yet cleaned.  Mayor Rasch noted the difficulty of keeping the grass cut shorter because of the rains.
 Update on Childcare Modular—Urgently Needed: a group of forward- thinking area citizens to form a Childcare Modular Society. The society would be in charge of such things as implementing children’s programming like Space Camp and a kids bus to the Space Sciences Centre.
 When asked if the modular title had been transferred to the Village, CAO said, “We’re waiting for government paper that puts it in our name.  Not sure if we actually need a title transfer.” In any event, the ownership of the modular is “a done deal,” but a Society is needed to run programming. 
Council Committee Reports
 Councillor Hart reports that during a recent ambulance board meeting, he had opportunity to speak with various Alberta Health doctors and the head of the ambulance service about the desperate need for doctors in small communities.  One solution that has been discussed is placing nurse practitioners (with online access to diagnostics) in smaller communities.  Hart expressed another concern regarding the need for speedy ambulance service in rural areas.  Whereas people living in urban areas can get service in 10 minutes, those in rural areas have a much longer wait time.  Meanwhile, the “golden hour” ticks down and puts rural patients at greater risk. There was discussion of having local fire and rescue departments stabilize rural patients until the ambulance gets there. Also discussed was unacceptable ER wait times that force ambulance patients to wait on gurneys. Hart states he believes the intent and desire to improve the situation are there.
 Councillor Hart said over 1100 Ride for Dad motorcyclists came through Thorsby on June 11.  He met one group of 35 riders who were multi-millionaires.  One rider to whom he spoke mentioned he developed storefronts with apartments above—he and Hart exchanged business cards.  Sam Kobeluck may qualify as this year’s Ride for Dad Ambassador.  He shook hands with every rider.
 Councillor Osness reports the new Library Summer hours are as follows:  Tuesday and Thursday: 10-5; Wednesday: 10-7. The summer reading program is “Celebrate Splash”.  Come see the new library shelving—YRL representatives came to help sort, clear and modernize. Now, fiction is shelved alphabetically and non-fiction is shelved in “neighbourhoods” (according to subject, as you would find it shelved in a bookstore).
 Councillor Pharis attended the Yellowhead Regional Library (YRL) board meeting. This is the 40th anniversary of YRL, and to celebrate, they wish to
“provide every library with E-book Readers. The only problem is, it allows only 30 reads and then the library must repurchase.”  44 out of 45 libraries in the regional library system are now wireless.
 Councillor Williams talked about the Ride for Dad being an amazing sight to see with the streets packed with so many motorcycles. He met one military rider who served with his father and overheard, “This is the first time I’ve ever in this town. It’s one of the neatest little places I’ve been at yet.”
 Mayor Rasch attended the Revitalize Conference that dealt with the issue of attracting volunteers. He found the lively post-keynote debate between three youth and three seasoned volunteers interesting.  The panel discussed whether Alberta has enough volunteers or not.  By-in-large, communities are struggling to get enough volunteers to keep various groups going. Some strategies on how to plan for changing times were discussed; nevertheless, it sometimes is a great struggle to find and retain volunteers.
 Mayor Rasch said there is a desperate need right now for volunteers with Thorsby Communities in Bloom as well as the need for forming a Society for the Childcare Module.  Other organizations are struggling for volunteers as well.


No More Muzzle for Chico
 Chico, the pitbull that went on the lam last year and was deemed a vicious dog after an incident on a nearby farm, has received Council approval to have his muzzle removed while on leash walks. Owner Amanda Clarke made the request with the support of dog bylaw officer Trevor Sloove.  Clarke said she has reinforced the yard fencing with cement. She said she will also take precautions so Chico will not become too overly protective. When Deputy Mayor Miller asked if there is a future problem with Chico, if Clarke was “ready to face the consequences,” Clarke said she was. 
52nd Avenue Surface Improvements
 Border Paving began reconstruction on 52nd Ave from 47th Street to East of 45th Street and 45th Street from 52nd Ave to South of 51st Avenue on June 2 and said it hopes to be completed by the third week of June, 2011, subject to inclement weather or changes in the scope of work.
 Accepted—a motion to change order to the original Select Engineering Consultants Ltd./Border Paving, Ltd. contract ($238,729.45)—by adding 45th Street rehabilitation ($122,828.85). Contract Price as per change order is now $361,558.30. The engineering costs (estimated $150,000) are not included.
Sidewalk Replacement
 Council approved the replacement of the sidewalk on 49th Street from 51st Ave to 52nd Ave.  The sidewalks are wheel chair accessible and are included in the $25,000 Budget from 2010.  Council also approved putting out tenders for sidewalk replacement on 53rd Ave. from 770 to 48 Street.
 A tax sale will be held at the Warburg Village Office at 2 PM on June 30, 2011.
 The filtration system in the water treatment plant expansion must be doubled.  Three quotes were received for the expansion. Council awarded the contract to ATEK Water Systems via email as approval was required prior to the Regular Council Meeting of June 13.
Help for Slave Lake
 Following the disastrous wildfires that destroyed so much of the Town of Slave Lake, including the municipal buildings, Slave Lake CAO Betty Osmond has requested assistance of Councils across Alberta for Municipal volunteers to assist in carrying out various administrative tasks.
 No Warburg Council member is able to volunteer at this time, but Council is considering a fundraiser this fall. Rather than take money out of the budget, Councillors will pledge $250 each (equivalent to two Council meetings) towards assisting Slave Lake.  Council also discussed challenging their counterparts in the 39/20 Alliance to donate likewise. 
 Council has approved installing handicapped parking signs in front of the Warburg Seniors’ Centre.
 The 2011 Leduc Nisku Economic Development Authority partnership fee has been approved ($1092.72--or $1.57/resident [696]). 
 Council granted the request of LVL Commercial property to extend the existing fence towards the front of the property to prevent unauthorized parking on the lawn.
Peace Making Circle
 Marj Savage invited Council to be a part of a restorative justice initiative called a “Peace Making Circle” on June 16.  “This will be a day for many of us to come together as a community that cares,” Savage said. “A lot has been happening in our wonderful town that has concerned many of us. The goal for our Community Peacemaking Circle is to learn what are the needs of our community on a more casual come-to-listen venue rather than a formal ‘Needs Assessment’ model.”
Canada Day Celebrations
 According to Krista Kohl, with the Pioneer Ag Society, “Warburg Canada Day Celebrations, held on Saturday, June 25, 2011 are going red, white and pink in support of breast cancer awareness and our bid to be the pinkest village in the west.”  Pancake breakfast starts at 8 AM. Line up for judging parade entries starts at 9 AM at the arena.  The parade commences at 10 AM.  Other festivities in the works: Party in the Park, bingo, entertainment, children’s activities, inflatable bouncers, beer garden, farmer’s market, clowns, beach volleyball, concession and vendor booths, demolition derby, dinner/movie and hopefully, horse and wagon rides, show and shine, and if the weather cooperates, a magnificent fireworks display to crown the day.

Capital Region Mutual Aid Agreement
 A letter received from Ken A. Jones, Chair, Capital Region Emergency Preparedness Partnership (C-REPP) states, “All 24 Capital Region municipal members have signed the C-REPP Regional Municipal Mutual Aid Agreement.  The agreement is designed to ensure a common understanding of the processes and costs associated with requesting or providing emergency/disaster assistance throughout the region.  It also guarantees the bona fide approval of the various municipal councils.”

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