Jurassic Forest Offers Glimpse of Prehistoric Period


Passing through the gates into Jurassic Forest is like stepping back in time.  The makers of this lifelike experience have done a fabulous job.  The vegetation is dense enough to emit a moist earthy tropical smell, and various birds calling and the buzz of insects in the hot sun combine to create an eerie sense of the Mesozoic Era.  The life-size prehistoric creatures that move, some in the process of eating smaller animals, others roaring at you as you walk, or run, by, complete the realism of the Jurassic experience.
A forty acre prehistoric reserve located north and west of Gibbons, Jurassic Forest is well worth the trip.  The front gates and cement pillars decorated with the different species of dinosaurs are an attraction all on their own.    Inside the park, visitors are treated to two kilometers of discovery trails and numerous scenarios of the prehistoric world in action, from the peaceful grazing of the Triceratops to the screeching of an approaching Pterodactyl to the deafening roar of the deadly Tyrannosaurus Rex, about to take down its prey.  
Guests can enjoy the forest through guided safaris, and can dig for ancient remains in certain areas.  Flora and fauna expeditions are offered, picnic areas are available and an Adventure Area built for children two years of age and over includes giant cracked dinosaur eggs to play in and archeological dig sites replete with tools.
Jurassic Forest also includes an interactive exhibit hall, gift shop, concession and party room.  
For more information, call Jurassic Forest at 780-470-2446 or email at info@jurassicforest.com.
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