Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor:

 Last Thursday, as I was driving to Fort McMurray with my daughter, we made a stop in Leduc and I saw for the first time The Pipestone Flyer. I read with interest your July 21, 2011 View from the Top.
 Like you, I am in a English-French matrimonial situation. Over the years, my wife and I had to find the necessary compromises for the upbringing of a child in both official languages of the country. Sonia who was born in another country only spoke English and I only spoke French to our daughter. The happy result is that Geneviève is so fluent in both languages that it seems she has two mother tongues.
 Your belief that every Canadian has the right to be heard and understood resonates with me as, both in my volunteering and in my career, I supported English and French services for minorities in all Canadian provinces and territories. This year, I was instrumental in obtaining a clarification of the Alberta legislation on the use of English and French before our Courts.
 I read lately the 84 pages of the Federal Court decision in Thibodeau v. Air Canada. Should you wish to meet my daughter and me to share views on that topic, we could stop at your office late tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon on our way back to Calgary.
 I believe Canadians would understand better each other if in French language publications more texts were by English language writers and, the reverse, in English language publications more texts were from French language writers. For the last few years, I have been legal columnist for the weeklies Le Franco (Edmonton) and L’Express de Toronto and for the monthly Le Chinook (Calgary). Should The Pipestone Flyer be interested in having occasional or regular contributions from me, it could provide your readers with diverse perspectives in legal affairs.
Gérard Lévesque
Dear Editor,

 A team of people from Vision Baptist Church in Leduc are traveling overseas in July to assist a small church in their outreaches for children.  We want to give great thanks to the Walmart of Leduc for donating some items for us to take to the underprivileged children there.  Their help and service was outstanding, and their efforts will be a wonderful benefit to these children.  Thank you again, Walmart!!

Vision Baptist Church
Amanda Knelsen

Leduc Seeks Public Input to Update Open Spaces Plan

Online survey now available at Leduc.ca/post

 The City of Leduc is embarking on a nine-month process to update its Parks, Open Space and Trails (POST) Master Plan. The plan will provide an updated vision and strategies to direct the development of future parks, open spaces and trails for the city.
 Citizens are encouraged to visit Leduc.ca/post to provide their feedback on this city-wide planning project.
 Leduc currently has more than 281 hectares of park space, including 26 playgrounds, 22 ball diamonds, 16 soccer fields and two football fields. More than 212 hectares of park space are named, including naturalized areas (three have been created from non-programmable space in the past three years), sport fields, community gardens, passive park space and playgrounds.
 The document will build on many years of citizen-focused planning around open spaces in Leduc. Here is a summary of past milestone developments:
*  Leduc completed its first parks master plan in 1983. There was a significant update to this plan in 2000.
*  The Telford Lake Master Plan was completed in 2010 to outline the long-term protection of this natural feature and the development of this lake as a year-round outdoor recreation facility.
*  Phase 1 of the Wm. F. Lede Park Master Plan was completed in 2010 with the addition of two U-12 soccer fields and one championship-size soccer field.
 For more information, call (780) 980-7177.

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