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Vintage Planes & A Rising Star

Happy Birthday Canada, and HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY, CITY OF LEDUC! I discovered that many Leduc residents were unaware that we were also celebrating the City of Leduc’s 30th birthday recently. Our beautiful city with all its green spaces, its wide avenues and countless amenities and programs is definitely a lovely place to call home, and I am proud to be its resident!
    I attended a SWANA (the Northern Lights Chapter) Conference recently in Edmonton. A global leader in the field of waste management, educating and motivating municipal leaders and entities to re-use, reduce and recycle. SWANA has faithful members in all corners of our province, and it was interesting to chat with eco-leaders from Fort McMurray (Hello, Tracy!), Calgary and Slave Lake (greetings to Tom Moore, Emerald Award-winner who coordinated the demolition waste management after the historic Slave Lake fire). Hello to dynamic ladies Sarah Pettipas and Molly Fryten. A young and knowledgeable presenter hailed from the City of Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories: Peter Houweling was a social ‘beast’, meeting participants, chatting and listening, obviously passionate about the topic of waste management and other recycling topics. The conference was packed with interesting speakers on a multitude of current topics, and its agenda was followed smoothly, creating a successful and memorable event!
    The highlight of the conference for me was the Welcome Reception, held at the ALBERTA AVIATION MUSEUM: built in the 1940s, next to Edmonton’s Municipal Airport, this massive hangar hosts several dozen vintage airplanes, beautifully restored. The signage scattered all over the hangar floor is informative and the videos are interesting to watch, especially when you are seated in an airplane seat! The museum’s director, Tom Hinderks, was a congenial host, keen to answer questions from the guests, even inviting yours truly to return the next day to witness the restoration Area in action! (www.albertaaviationmuseum.com).  A Douglas DC-3, a jumbo-size aircraft is on display, owned by Joe McBryan of BUFFALO AIRWAYS, which has gained global exposure through “Ice Pilots”, the reality TV series: on loan for the past few months, the DC-3 will fly away later in July.
    On the weekend, the rising pop star BRENDAN GUY performed at a New Sarepta Canada Day celebration, and later in the day performed a private concert for an enthusiastic group of fans in a friend’s backyard. Tom and Nadine Leming, owners of the Great Canadian Dollar Store (Party Central by the Leduc Comp), purchased this performance in a successful bid at the Boys and Girls Club of Leduc’s Fundraising Gala. Brendan was a dynamic and fun performer, with his ‘electronics’ handled by his mom and manager, the dynamic Cindy Guy (also the Leduc Regional Chamber president, a busy lady!) and Chief Groupie and family friend Cindy Carstairs. I was happy to be among the guests, and thought Brendan was enjoyable and quite talented!
    As my two High River grand-daughters Riley and Ryan are in Edmonton for a little ‘break’, staying with Uncle Chris and Aunt Gailynne for a few days, my son was sharing how challenging it was to pack all five kids in a minivan set up with his three daughters’ car seats.  A close friend who is well, slightly over 60, related how in his youth his parents packed TEN KIDS in the back of their Ford half-ton pickup to enjoy their Sunday picnics on Moose Lake: with a couple of old car seats and a bench in the back, the drive there was quite fun – and legal! With plenty of food and without alcohol, great memories were created! 
    Talking about legal stuff, I noticed a “little moment” in Leduc after the Canada Day Parade; as I was chatting with Corporal Jeff Fox of the Leduc RCMP Detachment, a young family entered a blue minivan parked by a hair salon: the driver proceeded to back up (to leave, I assume) and some of us had to make room for him, including the two Fox boys. All of the sudden, I saw Corporal Fox frown, step away to approach the driver, and calmly say: “Excuse me Sir, but next time you are behind the wheel, I suggest you ignore your cell phone.” The cell phone that was in the driver’s hand, while he was backing up in a crowd!! Distracted driving makes sense. Just sayin’… 
    Just a few words about our Southern Alberta neighbours; the clean-up has started, and High River residents in particular are dealing with household ‘waste’ (furniture and personal belongings) that will make its way to the landfill… Keep the prayers and support flowing, Friends!  
    Human interest stories, accomplishments you want to share with our    readers? Contact me at: 
dominique@pipestoneflyer.ca. I love getting your notes! 


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