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Archery, Happy Endings and Jazz


Well last week we published a Pipestone Flyer without my column… I wish to offer my thanks to those who wrote me friendly notes, and thanks for the calls asking where I’d been.  In fact, I was so focused on that Archery competition I attended in Red Deer, that I wrote a long article about it, and feeling a little bit out of touch with Leduc and area’s happenings, I skipped my column.  A technical glitch prevented our readers on the Leduc side from reading the entire article, and the powers-that-be will decide if the entire article will be re-published this week. If not, the article is on the pipestoneflyer.ca website in it’s entirety. The Mother Of All Shoots was a great success with 600 shooters registered.  Yes, you read it right: six hundred shooters, men, women and youth, isn’t it amazing?  So it is understandable that Archery is a multi-million dollar industry…
I do love writing about sports.  Especially large sports tournaments, where superior skill and track records come into play in a big way.  Following up on that Archery story, I received an inspiring letter from a lovely friend who is a mother of two boys who registered one of her sons in Archery with the Spruce Grove Archery Club. Her son loved it right from the start: being a leftie, he was without a club bow, so the Coach went out of his way to find him a bow he could use to practice and learn the sport.  Pam (the mom) was so impressed by all the care and attention her son received, and the obvious dedication of the coaching staff, that she registered as well!  My point here is that in amateur sports clubs, coaches make a difference: who teach a child the skills to master a new sport, creating dreams of success and medals at the podium… So I now raise my glass (does a cup of ‘chai’ tea count? lol) to all those Sports Coaches out there, for the impact they have on our youth, and the skills they help develop that can last a lifetime!
When I started writing this column I made a vow to myself –and my Publisher- that I would  always be positive in my writings.  Sometimes that is hard to do, when readers and personal friends tell me stories that are a bit upsetting.  When you hear of unfairness, you want to help; you want to shout the truth on the rooftops while trying to remain somewhat ‘politically correct’.  The power of the press is a wonderful thing and can also be a powerful weapon.  The Flyer recently published a story of City of Leduc resident Michelle Bartsch who came home one day to find her residential phone number moved to another Leduc family’s kitchen!  A technical glitch caused this, then a grumpy Telus client chose to withhold his collaboration to fix this unfortunate situation, but common sense and customer service will prevail:  a TELUS manager has finally risen to the occasion, sharing his disbelief about this and offering his total support.  So in the near future, we expect with pure optimism to hear that Michelle Bartsch and her family have reclaimed what was theirs for fifteen years: their very own telephone number!
On the music scene, it was great to hear that Tommy Banks, musician extraordinaire and recently-retired Canadian Senator, recently went on a little road trip with two musicians and a road manager:  Stu Stewart, a team member at Leduc’s Vantage Flooring, (a recent winner of an Award of Distinction by the Leduc Regional Chamber of Commerce), has been leading a double life for a long time.  A resident of Calmar and Leduc, Stu was Tommy Banks’ road manager and sound technician for more than twenty-five years.  On his birthday –February 29! - Stu agreed to join Tommy on a road trip to two gigs, in Calgary and in Saskatchewan.  Enjoying a new freedom of performing without glasses since his Cataract surgery, Tommy was at the top of his performance, and elicited enthusiastic appreciation at both his gigs.  Music is in his heart and in his veins, and we’re happy that the legendary Tommy Banks continues to charm audiences whenever he performs!  
As I attended a performance of Rollanda Lee’s, the Edmonton Jazz Diva, with her band of four amazingly talented musicians, I was so delighted with the show that I announced to a few friends that we should have a Jazz Soirée & Benefit in Leduc this spring.  I have an idea of a recipient of such a fundraiser, I even have a tentative idea of the stellar list of performers we could feature, and now I ask you: would you like to be on the guest list? Does the idea of a Jazz Extravaganza with multiple quality artists appeal to you?  I would love to read your feedback on this…at dominique@pipestoneflyer.ca.  Have a great week, Friends!

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