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A lost feline and a case of mistaken identity


For 43 days, a Leduc family was sad to be missing a precious family member… The Vrolyks of South Telford (yes that would be Dominique and hubby) lost the oldest of their two feline sons: QT Vrolyk, a four and a half year-old short hair black cat, disappeared while out on his daily after-dinner stroll.  His parents were upset and scoured their South Telford neighbourhood, talked to neighbours, elicited the sympathy and support of City of Leduc Public Services members, notified former neighbours on South Park Drive, sent a fan mail through Facebook, to no avail.  One afternoon last week, QT miraculously showed up, emaciated and spooked, on the doorstep of a good friend and former next door neighbour, Kathy Diniz.  Of course, she let him in, notified me, and a tearful reunion took place, followed by his tentative reunion with his little brother Boots.  We are ecstatic, and the two brothers seem happy to be together again.  Of course, the question lingers on our minds: where was QT all this time? Did he travel through the city, confused and starving, until finally he found the ‘old’ neighbourhood, or... was he picked up by an ill-intentioned individual and dropped off in the country?  If cats could talk! We will probably never know…
In my joy of finding QT, I shared this with a few people around town, and was shocked when Leduc resident Michelle told me the story of her friend who went through a similar loss: however, that beloved feline was reunited with its parents after… SEVEN YEARS! Unbelievably, her cat still wore the collar he had on when he disappeared! So, anxious to make QT more ‘legal’ (he never liked collars), I made my way to the City office to purchase a pet tag, priced at $50 for a lifetime.  Boots has had one for a year now, and it reassures us that if he was lost, and Good Samaritans found him, they could contact us. Well, on the City of Leduc’s website (www.leduc.ca), you will find the tab Pet Search under Online Services.  If you enter the number of a tag on a pet you found, you will find the pet’s name, its description (although not a cat or dog, lol), and his parents’ contact info.  Isn’t that wonderful?
Talking about the wonderful things the City of Leduc does for its residents, as we are in the middle of Spring Break, I faced the reality that one of the busiest venues in the entire City of Leduc is... no surprise here, the LRC – the Leduc Recreation Centre.   Linda Anderson, the LRC’s dynamic and friendly manager of Corporate Services, shared that “it’s inspiring to see so many youths in our facility keeping busy with swimming, drop-in volleyball and basketball, and on the walking track: most youths who come here on a regular basis know and respect the rules.  Some will even admit that they consider a membership to be a privilege.”  Inspiring words, and Kudos to parents who encourage their kids to be entertained with sports, rather than other less beneficial pursuits!  The LRC has a Programming Team that plans special fitness programs and sign-in sports, including the Spring Break activities for youth.  I was reminded of how affordable a youth’s monthly membership can be: $31.65 for a monthly youth membership is an amazing, budget-friendly price tag for a fun and fitness regimen that will impact a young person’s future lifestyle choices. (check out leducleisure.ca)
Things change, in life and business.  I am always fascinated to watch young people’s career paths. Cindy Carstairs is the new Convention Coordinator for the AAMDC, the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts & Counties: she left the Leduc Regional Chamber of Commerce after several years in a similar position, where her tireless energy and professional, cheerful attitude was appreciated by her colleagues –and the Chamber members! We wish Cindy the best in her new adventure, and we know that she is already doing a great job, as she recently contributed to a very successful AAMDC Spring Convention at the Shaw Centre in Edmonton. 
Last week, we published an interesting photo of a little Leprechaun reading the Pipestone Flyer at the Blues on Main Saturday afternoon at Murphy’s Pub. He was identified as Paddy McFlyer, when he was in fact his Calgary cousin, FINN THE TRAVELING LEPRECHAUN, who was born in Ireland, adopted by his mom January Giesbrecht and has since traveled to Paris, Las Vegas, Mexico, a BC resort and many campgrounds of Alberta. Finn was visiting his good friends Jane and Julian, New-Brunswick natives who moved here a few weeks ago from Calgary. Sorry for the confusion, Finn, and... Welcome to Leduc, Jane & Julian! (Editor’s note: He might be Finn to them but he looks suspiciously like my drunken uncle Paddy to me. He’s always having a wee dram of something or another).
A note to our regional Performing Arts followers: The Maclab in Leduc will proudly feature the Ed Sullivan Caravan of Stars coming to this Friday & Saturday, March 30th and 31st, where the headliners will be a young Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, and the Everly Brothers, to name a few. (780.980.1866)  The Pipestone Flyer is a big supporter of the Arts in our communities, and has been for a long time!  Thanks for all your tips and comments at dominique@pipestoneflyer.ca!  Have a great week, Friends!

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