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As I have left town twice in the past few weeks, I confess that I look forward to traveling more, and writing about it: as I am sending my column to our Senior Publisher via the internet as usual, but at a desk far away from home, I want to share how grateful I feel for my little impromptu trip to lovely Kamloops BC! 
A close friend asked me if I’d like to come along with her to Kamloops for a few days, as she had business to attend to in that city… Since I haven’t visited BC in a few years, I juggled a few things, got the blessing of my dear hubby, packed a few things and my golf clubs, and here I am in Kamloops, “Canada’s Tournament Capital!” We are staying with my friend’s brother and his wife: Greg and Sheri are a friendly couple who semi-retired a couple of years ago, and live on RIVERSHORE, a splendid golf course that is uniquely owned by the 200 residents whose homes line the course, on the South Thompson River.  Surrounded by sand and dry soil mountains, this valley’s semi-desert landscapes are eerily similar to the dramatic landscapes of Phoenix, Arizona.  Kamloops features the “hottest summer in Canada”, and its hot days and cool nights also mimic the Arizona weather.  
Driving from Devon, it took us eight hours to get to Kamloops through Highway 16 and then Highway 5. No stops for us; it was convenient that both of us had packed many healthy snacks! The mountains seemed endless, and I am now enlightened that this mountainous region is located between the Rocky Mountains and the Coastal Range.  Traveling through Jasper National Park was as fascinating as last week when I attended a conference in Jasper, but can one nature lover ever get bored of these majestic Rockies, and the wildlife that lives within them?  I loved driving through Mount Robson Park, and on the return trip I plan on “acquiring” some shale rocks for my landscaping projects at home.
So among these lovely BC friends, a little boy named Zander captured my heart. Friendly and articulate, this three-year-old with an angel’s curly blond locks loves to ride his cars, but most of all loves to go quad riding with his dad and grandpa: he has an appetite that would shame most twelve-year-olds, (cause he eats practically anything- and lots of it, stated his grandpa), and at dinnertime, he blew the guests’ minds by delivering a short and heartfelt blessing! We laughed and chatted with him, and when it was time for him to go, I was treated to a fierce, long hug from this adorable boy. I felt blessed, and it made me miss my own sweet grand-daughters. I believe it is a parent’s gift to children to ensure that they grow up with the self-confidence that will allow them to make new friends, face new adventures and enjoy a variety of new foods!
Talking about new adventures, I want to offer sincere KUDOS to the CALMAR PRAIRIE PLAYERS for delivering three flawless, electric performances of Chris McKerracher’s second play, The Dalmar Biker War, last weekend.  The actors’ spirit and skill added a depth and charm to this comedy about some interesting characters in a small town and the ‘biker war’ that followed the arrest of a group of five law-breaking bikers. This fresh and hilarious play represented community theatre at its best! MLA and Environment Minister Diana McQueen was among the audience on Opening Night, seated with Mayor Don Faulkner, and both of them were seen chuckling wholeheartedly during the play, a reaction shared by most of the guests.  Way to go, Chris and the Prairie Players! 
In response to a few emails and calls I received recently, asking for updates on our daughter Michelle Salt, I would like to share that her recovery is proceeding well.  Despite the daily discomfort that she endures bravely with her positive attitude, and with the help of a “sports prosthesis”, Michelle is resuming the activities she loved before her terrible accident of June 27: she has been back on the hill with her snowboard and recently celebrated the announcement that the 2014 Sochi (Russia) Winter Olympics will feature Paralympic Snowboarding! She gets stronger with the help of her new treadmill (purchased at Flaman Fitness) and trains weekly with her cycling coach. She is still a realtor, working with a few clients (michelle.s.salt@gmail.com) and looks forward to re-establishing herself in the work she loves! We were proud and touched to see her featured a few days ago in a CTV Calgary segment of “Inspiring Citizens”. We are thankful for your support and words of encouragement!
  I appreciate your friendly notes and comments at dominique@pipestoneflyer.ca.  Have a great week, Friends! 

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