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I attended a large soccer tournament last week-end. The 17th ANNUAL MILLET SOCCER TOURNAMENT is an icon of the Alberta Soccer scene, one that obviously 700 kids and their families and coaches would not miss! I was greeted with extreme friendliness and a gracious, helping hand by several officials, coaches, parents and … soccer players! On a rainy Sunday afternoon at the conclusion of a critical game, I found myself surrounded by eight U12 girls (12 y.o. and under), part of a winning team from Millet, who cheerfully answered questions and volunteering some information to this eager writer.  They were energetic, cheerful despite being soaked from head to toe, proud of their accomplishment, articulate and charming! So... a special Hello and KUDOS to the Millet Lamborghinis (with their yellow jerseys- get it ?), U-12 Silver Medallists and to the friendly young boys I had chatted with earlier, the U-14 Gold Finalists, Ben Rupka and his Wetaskiwin team mates! 
This is an aspect of my writing job that I absolutely love: being “allowed” to ask questions about any topic that interests me, to whomever, and being able to share it with our readers! I was thrilled when suddenly, out of that U-12 soccer group in Millet, a lovely, blond soccer player approached me and said: “Hey, I met you last week at the 4-H Sale in Leduc!” Indeed, in a corner of the hectic arena, I had found this young girl quietly grooming a steer: Cherese Eidick was sweet and friendly, and we had a lovely visit. And here she was, part of a winning soccer team: it never ceases to amaze me and please me to witness how some kids lead busy lives, pursuing many interests! 
Recently on a sunny weekday afternoon, I saw some action on the Lake, so I decided to investigate why there were so many boats on the lake, and had a little visit with officials of the Leduc Boat Club (LBC).  They have been working feverishly to get their new Club House ready for the season, and already hosting some large groups: that day, the Leduc Junior High School Outdoor Education teacher Mr. Conroy had booked the a class of Grade 8s to have fun on Telford Lake: they kayaked and canoed, got wet and raced each other, and enjoyed a fast-paced game of canoe-polo! A young LBC instructor, Dylan, is a national kayak-polo competitor and a UofA student who is lending his paddling sports expertise and passion to the LBC for the summer. Paddling sports, whether alone or in a group (I must add rowing and Dragon Boating) are great sports to introduce to kids of all ages, and several residents have confided in me that they are looking forward to taking some lessons in canoe, kayak and SUP this summer in Leduc. SUP means Stand Up Paddle: it’s like a surf board that you stand on, and you steer with an extra-long paddle.
Once in a while, municipalities and governments like to invest in studying their population’s opinion of the services they provide, and of the environment they create: they build on this feedback, with a goal to improve and innovate.  The City of Leduc recently shared the results of a survey they sponsored in our city. ”Leduc’s quality of life is among the best in Alberta, according to the most recent City of Leduc Citizen Satisfaction Survey executed by Banister Research. 
A press release shared that “Leduc City Council heard a formal presentation regarding the survey’s overall results during their regular council meeting of May 28, 2012. The resident survey found that 96 % indicated quality of life is good to excellent: 83 % indicated strong civic pride and 75 % felt they receive good to excellent value for their tax dollar (an increase from 72 % in 2010).”  I am happy to share these results with you our Reader, and although Banister did not call my house number to ask my opinion, I think it is a well-known fact that I am a fan of the City of Leduc administration, (most of the time ;-) as I was also a supporter of Leduc County when we raised our kids 10 miles west of Millet for seven years, then near and in Calmar for another six. I am not surprised by these survey results.
An interest of mine for some time is Recycling. I was impressed when I learned that my youngest daughter Claire Vrolyk and her housemates recycle daily, and seem to appreciate their Sherwood Park residential schedule of recycling-waste pick up on alternate weeks.  An admirable and simple contribution to the well-being of our environment!
So much happening around our Region this summer… enjoy! You’ll find me at dominique@pipestoneflyer.ca.    Have a great week, Friends! 

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