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Even if you don’t like sports


Well London 2012 - the Summer Olympics - are now over.  Many sports have been discovered, showcased handsomely on the world`s stage, and if you are not a sports fan, you might have also enjoyed glimpses of youth headed for the podium, and cultural celebrations that inspired and entertained us… My Olympic fever has abated somewhat, in the wake of Canada’s relatively un-inspiring performance in most sports.  I shake my head, and not unlike sports coaches across the country, I ask myself: `what’s happening to our sports coaching in Canada?  I read somewhere that our Canadian coaches will have to take a hard, long look at their training methods, and their performance rating system.  We have to do better in Summer Olympics.  Watch us compete hard and succeed at the 2014 Sochi Olympics! (Russia)
There are so many competitions taking place in our region this summer! Winning athletes will leave these provincial podiums for the bright lights of national and international venues. At the Klondike Carriage Classic held in Beaumont last weekend, I ran into a couple who looked like they were thoroughly enjoying the horses and carriages: it turns out that this congenial Australian couple, from Penrith near Sydney, are the proud parents of a young athlete participating in the World Cup of Women’s Baseball: Alison and Greg McDonald have traveled to Canada for a 12 day holiday, to cheer their daughter Tahlia Wellington, a member of the Australian National Team.  As baseball and carriage driving are two passions of this friendly couple, they were thrilled to find out that this Carriage Driving event was taking place while they were visiting the Edmonton region!
When I attend an event of a social, sports or business nature, I feel blessed to meet and chat with interesting people: however I don’t always get the chance to mention them in my report. Community volunteers are people of various interests and personalities who have one big thing in common: they want to help out! At the event in Beaumont, as I walked from one competing area to another (about 300 metres away…!), I would reach my destination and be happy to relax and chat with volunteers, and learn a few facts about this sport I was ‘covering’: that’s where I met a fun trio of women, who were timekeepers. They had various careers, but all three had a keen interest in carriage driving, and enjoyed hearing where all the competitors came from.  Blanche Mochon, a French immersion school teacher was a keen spectator who also enjoyed her afternoon ‘partners’, Nathalie Lobo of Onoway and Carla Hennig of Ardrossan.  New friends perhaps? Facebook will keep some of us in touch with one another…
Blanche made us chuckle when she told the story of her training her “Canadian horse” for pulling a carriage. She must run behind her horse, as he is still green with the harness, but it reminded me that we are never too old to learn a new ‘sport’ or hobby, but if we invest heart, focus and energy into life itself, the benefits to our soul and overall health will be tremendous.  Sometimes if Life has dealt us a blow, or is not meeting our expectations, it is hard to share our value system and engage in new activities that might provide us with an ‘escape’, a ray of happiness. We have to step boldly towards the unknown, embracing it and firmly believing that this will be good for us, in the long run! 
As I continue my quest for improved fitness and aim to achieve a better relationship with the gods of Diabetes Type 2, I must share how inspired I am whenever I step outside of my South Telford home, and onto the City of Leduc’s wonderful Multiway… Everywhere I walk or cycle, at any time of the day, I see people walking, cycling, with kids, dogs or pushing strollers, rollerblading. Without saying a word, they provide a bit of motivation to the rest of us, and a fine example to follow! So thank you, dear Leduc neighbors, for being active and taking advantage of our lovely community (our neighbors’ communities are quite awesome as well!), and trying new fitness disciplines. I see you, I admire you, and I think you rock!
Talking about fitness options, I am thrilled to hear of two neighboring communities that have stepped up to provide their residents with fun cycling venues.  The Trails of the Village of Thorsby and the Mountain Bike Center in the Town of Devon have intrigued me for some time now. They are on my Bucket List for the summer, and if you love cycling as I do, I encourage you to look into these two venues.
Thanks for your friendly and helpful notes! You will find me at dominique@pipestoneflyer.ca. Enjoy your summer, Friends!

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