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Wearing a Helmet - A Promise


The City of Leduc hosted once again two ALBERTA ROCKS Junior Curling Camps at the LRC (Leduc Rec Centre) that were an incredible success; full to capacity, dispensing top quality curling training, and greeting dozens of families who camped at regional campgrounds and local hotels. Another boost to the local economy! I am told that some wonderful memories were created, and the solid reputation of this camp under the umbrella of the Alberta Curling Federation is intact, and probably even heightened.
In a recent conversation with a business friend about what keeps people of our generation (40-55) active, we discussed our favorite sports: he has been a skier for forty years, and I confessed my eclectic pursuit of many athletic activities, such as cycling, water fitness and golf.  When we touched on the risks attached to cycling and skiing, I had to admit that although I like to see my grand-daughters safe when riding their bikes, I have not been faithful to the concept of wearing a helmet.  I could tell my friend was a bit dismayed, and without really lecturing me, he reminded me that when we cycle, we are at the mercy of an accidental fall, and of vehicles and other bikes on the road: also, that our brain is so important to the quality of life that we must protect it! The soft message delivered to me prompted me to promise that from now on, I would be more diligent in wearing a helmet. 
We chuckled at my admission that perhaps vanity had something to do with my irresponsible behavior in this regard (you know, the ‘hat head’ most women dread). As I wish to be a good example to my younger neighbors and their children, as well as the young people in my family, I am now committed to wearing the helmet I already own every time I get on my mountain bike. Let’s face it: with a helmet on, I know I am going to look more like a “serious’ cyclist, cognisant of the risks, so it’s a win-win solution!
Talking about water sports, I was thrilled to ‘catch’ some of the action on the Telford Lake this past weekend. The Edmonton Dragon Boat Festival was a smooth and large scope success, and another coup for the City of Leduc and the site hosts, the Leduc Boat Club.  Well, this multi-discipline Club has now confirmed that they will be hosting the 5th ANNUAL BIG BOAT REGATTA on Saturday, September 15: known in Alberta as the last dragon boat and outrigger canoe (OC) event of the season, the Club already has enough teams registered to make it a challenging and fun event. So if you are fond of races and paddling events, make sure you add this date to your calendar!
Last week in my column, I remarked that when I report on an event, I can’t mention all the ‘cool’ people I meet, because the reports don’t allow the space for this kind of comment… I received some surprising feedback on this: many of our readers wish they had an avenue to share with the world some details of the nice, interesting and inspiring people they meet in their travels. I guess I am blessed to have this opportunity, right here in the Pipestone Flyer. So here goes: as I was covering the Rib Cook-off at Leduc #1’s 65th Anniversary Celebration and taking pictures for the Society while touring the site with a special guest, I encountered a few of the security guards who were protecting the site all weekend. I had enjoyed meeting Annette, a friendly and spunky brunette. After the Rib Cook-Off winners were announced, I got to say good bye to this nice lady, along with another guard and the owner of BLACKWATCH Protective Services, Vincent Luksa.  A thirtyish, fit-looking and congenial young man (well, 30 is young to me!), Vincent was gracious in accepting my compliments on the excellent job his team performed over the weekend, and candidly informed me that BlackWatch is over 95% staffed with current and former serving police and military personnel. I found this quite interesting, and I will remain in touch with this company and their accomplishments, through their new website -currently under construction.
One of the fun guests encountered at Leduc #1’s celebration weekend was Barry Rasch, mayor of the Village of Thorsby. He and his wife and their two sons were enjoying all the activities, and it touched my heart to realize that the oldest is the one who needed our prayers lately for a surgery on his heart. Matthew is fine, a sweet and active boy, and we are joyfully grateful! 
Thanks for your friendly notes and helpful feedback! I can be found at dominique@pipestoneflyer.ca. Enjoy the last of Summer, Friends!

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