Editorial Comment

Weird Guy at the Bar-B-Q


I have pretty much given up writing editorials leaving that particular drudgery and creativity to more apt and talented individuals such as the likes of Chris McKerracher and Barry MacDonald. But I am rather strongly principled and opinionated and can easily be provoked into a barrage of verbal diarrhea.
Such a provocation came two weeks ago at the Leduc #1 Rib Cook-off near Devon. Our crew of dedicated and loyal employees and their respective spouses were just putting the finishing touches on our tent and display materials that we had brought in to support the effort of the Leduc #1 Energy Discovery Centre. The Bar-B-Q was lit and the ribs were about to be tossed onto the grill for the final misting of apple glaze as we began the countdown to the feeding frenzy that would mark the beginning of this remarkable annual event.
Then it happened. A rather tall grizzled individual came striding over to our location, took one look at the Pipestone Flyer banner we had proudly displayed at the rear of the tent and began hurling insults at us. He called the paper a right wing religious rag and me personally, a right wing religious nut bar. As I approached him he scurried off stopping only long enough to scream at the top of his lungs, “There is no God, There is no God”. It was surreal, like a drive-by verbal shooting performed by a coward.
I thought to myself, what a strange world we live in that we have to tolerate this kind of behaviour from someone like this. He lives with the belief that only he has the right to believe what he believes in but others are not afforded that same grace. When we are insulted and spit on, kicked and in some countries even killed for our beliefs, as Christians we are expected to turn the other cheek, suffer our fate quietly and continue on as if nothing is going on. Truth is, for the most part we do just that. Even here in Canada where one would think that rights such as freedom of speech and freedom of religion are part of what our soldiers had fought and died for in several great wars, these issues would have been laid to rest along with the heroes that died to defend them. However, here we find ourselves in 2012 with those very rights and freedoms being eroded on a daily basis, not from without as we had feared then, but from within. We stand idly by as loud mouths such as this intollerent boob are continually getting away with this form of religious persecution.
Had our group been gays, lesbians, African Canadians, First Nations or any of a dozen visible minorities, he would have been hauled into court and very likely heavily fined or even jailed. However persecution of protestant religious values seems to be all the rage nowadays. It is rapidly being tossed out of the window in schools, governments and businesses all over the country. More and more we are seeing eastern style religious practices coming into vogue. Why even our own daughter has images of Budha all over the house, and feng shui to help the ebb and flow of positive energy is now a must in most western households.
Well, sorry weird guy at Leduc #1. I will never give up what I believe in. I will still thank God for everything I have and I will thank Him for the beautiful world He has created for us. I don't believe for one minute that we evolved from some form of primate and that nature is just a huge conglomeration of amazing coincidences.
No matter what the consequences, I will tollerate characters like you, and allow you to have the freedom to not believe. 
Atheists are kind of funny though. I remember years ago a very good friend of mine, a professed atheist, and a great duck hunter, had been hunting in a marsh near Moncton New Brunswick. Apparently the duck of choice in that region is a small black duck that is normally quite plentiful at that particular time of year. Unfortunately, my friend had been in the blind all day with out even so much as a quack from any kind of duck, black or otherwise. As an offhand remark he said “I'd sell my soul to the devil for just one black duck.” He had no sooner uttered the words when the biggest black duck he had ever seen flew lazily across the blue New Brunswick sky well within shotgun range.
I asked him “Did you get him”? He was quick to answer, “NO, absolutely not.” “Why not?” I queried back. His answer was quite simple, “I didn't want to take the chance”.
Conclusion: There are a lot of last minute conversions made on deathbeds.
I wish you well weird guy!

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