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Each one of us is unique and special.  God knows and understands us even better than we know and understand ourselves.  Therefore, it is only natural that God has a unique relationship with each one of us.  Of course, that special relationship will be within the general parameters set out in the Bible, but that leaves room for tremendous variety in how we actually experience His presence and guidance.  All Creation shows us that God is the Creator of variety, so of course He values His unique relationship with each of His unique, one-of-a-kind children, with you and me.
     There is also great delight in our relationship with God, in the ways in which He reveals His presence to us and in the ways He gives us understanding and guidance.  We rejoice in His presence and love to share with others what He is doing in our lives.  However, it is important to remember that our relationship with Him is personal and unique, to realize that the way He relates to another person is also personal and unique.  
     Especially when we are excited about what God is doing in our relationship with Him, we are tempted to tell others that He will do the same things in their lives if they do the same things we have done.  However, this is simply not true.  God, in His sovereign will and time, will work in other people's lives in the unique way which He knows is best for them.  Rarely will this be the same as He works in our own lives.  We are each responsible to seek to know Him and to know His will through searching the Scriptures.  The unique way He communicates and works in each of our lives will fall within the range and scope of what He has revealed in His written word, but will probably not fall within a box formed by looking at what He has recently done with other people.  As soon as we think that we can say, "Look, God works this way," He will point out to us that He is working in a different manner over there.
     This uniqueness is true not only of the way God communicates to each of us, but also in the way He gives each of His children understanding and answers.  To one, He shows simple answers which are true, adequate and profound.  To another, He adds complexity and depth to that simple understanding, while to still another He shows different aspects of that same simple truth.  God understands each of us so well that He knows how best to bring His truth to each of us.
     Scripture is the solid base for understanding and knowing God, Father and Son and Holy Spirit.  It tells us that God adopts as His children all those who accept Jesus and His death on the cross in their place, that the Holy Spirit comes to dwell within His children to help them to know, understand and obey Him.  How He then interacts with us is very personal to who we are and what He knows is best for us.
     It is important that God's children share with each other their experiences and joy with Him, but we must remember that our experience and understanding is uniquely our own.  We must not try to put God in a box by expecting Him to give others the same experiences that He has given us, or to provide understanding in exactly the same way.  He will interact with each of His children in the way most appropriate to the unique way He made each of them.

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