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Silent Heroes and a new Challenge


As we are about to celebrate Fire Prevention Week in Canada, it brings to mind the silent heroes who devote their careers – and for some, their precious free time to protecting our lives and property. In particular, my thoughts are with those who place a heartfelt focus on their jobs as volunteer firefighters, Citizens On Patrol, RCMP auxiliaries and Victim Services volunteers. 
This past week-end, when STARS was the focus of 800 people’s attention and generosity, the new STARS Edmonton Base Director, Corinne Edwards also a flight nurse, delivered a touching speech mentioning all the support personnel at the scene of an accident, and personnel dealing with it remotely. I think that fundraising volunteers are also part of a grand scheme to reach big goals.
At the STARS Benefit I was blessed to be sitting with my family, including our daughter Michelle Salt, the survivor of a tragic motorcycle crash that spared her life but sadly, took her right leg. Her chain of survival started with her STARS medical flight team, on June 27, 2011 in Cochrane and continues to lead her into her amazing and triumphant journey of recovery. As I enjoyed the socializing with other supporters, and the impact that three young survivors and guest speakers are making on their community, contributing to the widespread and spirited marketing plan of this organisation,  I was touched to witness how hard the Tyson Parker Commitment to Life volunteers were working, tirelessly trading duties, all night… These were the final duties for an event that had required hundreds of hours of preparation, over the past twelve months.
These are silent heroes. They work hard to plan, execute and clean up a large fundraiser, and when the de-briefing occurs a few days or a week later, they start planning the next one! So KUDOS to the dedicated members of Leduc’s Tyson Parker Commitment To Life STARS Fundraiser!
In a candid chat recently, a lovely young friend, Michelle B. was sharing how she thinks her dad is a hero. He raised two daughters in the Yukon, teaching them to hunt, canoe, fish, cut meat and load bullets (definitely a unique skill!), and enjoyed camping and exploring with them.  Now, he is a loving grandpa to her two kids and a strong male figure in their young lives, sharing valuable skills and interests with them.  Yes, he sounds like a hero to me! 
These days I am enjoying the support and friendship of special people who are helping me with a much needed change in my life. You see, as most people who know me well would attest, I am a reasonably active person.  My passion at home is to landscape and tend to my garden, and I also enjoy swimming and Aquasize, and cycling around my city. However, since I quit smoking three years ago, I have gained a few stubborn pounds that I detest. Okay, we’re getting a little personal here: shall I go on? I have been to the local gyms (~love my Flex F/X Gym – and the LRC Fitness Center too!) and for a while I had a wonderful personal fitness trainer (still grateful for all that Susie Meyers has taught me about fitness!), and yet, I failed to completely eliminate this unwanted weight. Frankly, I don’t think I was focused, or worked hard enough at it. 
I was recently introduced to a nutrition product that’s great for people on the go, and it has already helped me lose 7 pounds in thirty days (!!), gives me a welcomed energy boost every day and offered me the opportunity to help a few friends with a similar goal: we took the Challenge together! As a Type 2 diabetic who occasionally skips meals and burns the midnight oil, I am happy to have challenged myself to get healthier –and slimmer- and to help others in the process!
If you read this earlier than 5pm on Friday October 5th , you might have a chance to meet the Olympic skater JAMIE SALÉ, a special guest of Leduc’s CO-OP Liquor Store’s wine tasting. That’s the one on Hywy 39, in Leduc’s west end. Jamie will get there sometime after 4pm: you can bring your skates to have them autographed, and… please tell her I said hello! I will be on my way to a prior engagement. KUDOS to Leslie, the store’s dynamic manager, for bringing this sports champion to our city!
Feel free to offer comments or feedback. I like hearing from our readers! You’ll find me at   dominique@pipestoneflyer.ca. Hope you’re enjoying our new Season of vibrant colors and cooler weather!

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