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 As my column has a mission to always be positive, I must share a personal view: that while we’re expected to rejoice in the blessings we receive, it is also hard not to think for those who have very little to be thankful for… Not everyone has a loving or supporting spouse, healthy children and any grand-kids to delight in! The comforts that we enjoy in this country are non-existent for some of our global neighbors… The peace and quiet that we sometimes take for granted here are a vague memory for some, in war-torn and hungry nations…
 A sincere prayer, a donation of food or precious cash, a few hours allocated to a worthy cause, a kind gesture towards a friend or a stranger experiencing hard times, these are the few things we can do to alleviate the world’s pain, whether it is on the other side of the globe, or right next door…
 I am grateful, and in awe of a group of Leduc and District farmers who have invested what is dear and valuable to them: their time, skills and machinery, to “make a difference” in a world where so many live with daily, relentless hunger.  For the 14th. consecutive year, generous farmers of this region and caring sponsors have contributed in purchasing the seed, seeding the fields, and now harvesting this crop that will be sold to be donated for agricultural projects in nations in the  developing world… The members of LEDUC & DISTRICT GROWING PROJECT will harvest 280 acres of canola; they have donated their heart and energy to this cause, focused on “Imagining the world without hunger”. 
 I visited the Alexandra Arena in Leduc briefly on a Sunday afternoon, seeking a little “sports fix” in a busy, wonderful day. I met a young mom who shared that at this Atom AA hockey game, no Leduc Team player was absent. This reminded me of the devotion families have for their kids’ sports: after all, this was Thanksgiving, some of these families could be visiting relatives or friends out-of-town, and yet here they were, in the middle of a Thanksgiving week-end, cheering their kids on the ice. The bleachers were quite full, the crowd was lively, and I can’t resist saying “CUDOS to you, sports parents, for your unwavering support and for creating active kids, who will carry their love of sports throughout their adult lives!”
 I must say I always love hearing of our grand-daughters doing sports, and sharing with their parents a love of the great outdoors… Skating, swimming, skiing, soccer, Track & Field, martial arts, even dirt biking and water sliding (lol) are some of the girls’ activities in this family, and I am thrilled about it.  Well, not so much the dirt biking thing… (having one daughter almost die in a motorcycle accident and lose a leg tends to make you a little biased…). So, even if it is one sport, it is great when parents have an opportunity to introduce physical activity to their kids.  This brings to mind the “Everyone Gets To Play”, the Jump Start program created by Canadian Tire. Some organisations really go the extra mile to help out kids and their families, and this one of them!
 I attended CAVALIA recently, the magnificent horse show that was created by a Cirque Du Soleil co-founder … It was memorable, a true showing of magic between horses and humans, and I will tell you soon a story of how CAVALIA adopted two young colts from a Leduc County horse farm.  Did you know that among the 48 show horses in Cavalia, there are no females? They decided long ago that females distract the males, so… out they went! (lol) I am grateful to the friends who shared with me that wonderful experience!
 Talking about horses… All the best to Karen Able of DAWNVILLE FARMS, who is now completing a week of showing her horses at the World’s Morgan Horse Show in Oklahoma City, USA.  A great representative from our region’s horse breeding industry!
 I want to extend a warm welcome to Marty and Fran Eigenbrood, new Devon residents since March, who moved from a small town in Ontario. They are the friendly and proud parents of Jeremy Eigenbrood, one of the latest recruits of the Calmar Fire Department.
 Feel free to offer comments or feedback. I like hearing from our readers! You’ll find me at   dominique@pipestoneflyer.ca. Hope you’re enjoying our new Season of fallen leaves and cool weather!

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