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It came across my desk recently, that another school has engineered a way to ‘contribute’ to the local community, and to the teaching of a sense of community to a large group of students… St André Academy is a Beaumont School that dynamically supports the Leduc & District Food Bank by conducting its own in-house Food Drive … Last year`s endeavour was a success, and this year, St André Academy was able to raise 1224 lbs of food. That is quite an admirable feat!
Having five kids, I am a firm believer that school teachers and administrators are our partners in raising our kids. I mentioned this recently to a lovely friend, who believes that school teachers spend a lot of quality time with the kids – sometimes more than the parents! Of course, one might expect a school teacher to have a big influence on their students…
I omitted this item in my report on the recent CIB (Communities In Bloom) International Symposium that took place in Edmonton. Millet’s Griffiths-Scott Middle School’s offered a tour of their new, impressive building and a presentation by its principal, Mr Frank Heinrichs to the delegates of the Classic Alberta Tour, a popular activity on the first day of the Communities In Bloom International Symposium. Aside from being a ‘green’ school, Griffiths-Scott is an internationally-accredited UNESCO champion. It also offers several fun activities that inspire a charitable heart, such as a “Hat Day with a Food Bank donation”… I admire that, and I love to hear of school projects that contribute to improving others’ well-being. If we were to do a bit of research on this topic, I can assure you that we could develop an interesting list of worthy causes and charities that are supported by our local schools!
Technology never ceases to change: the topic of Satellite came up recently, and I was reminded that Mike Werenka, the owner of Mike’s Appliances, dealt with satellites for many years in his store. In fact, until late July of this year, Mike sold and serviced home appliances for.. 38 years! He finally shut it down, to enjoy life a little more with his lovely wife. Well, it turns out that his sales associate and service tech of ten years, Darren Schultz, decided to pick up the ‘torch’ and with Mike’s blessing, he opened up a store of home appliances, parts and service. So, congrats to my ‘old’ musician friend Darren and his new DARRSCH Sales & Service, located behind the Nortech Building, near the Hughes Car Wash. In the midst of setting up his new shop, Darren has already earned the loyalty of several new clients when he went knocking on all the doors around his new location, to introduce himself and drop off business cards: one retail neighbor told him that she had never seen a business owner do this, in her twenty years in her store!!
I guess I forgot to visit her when I was representing Telus Mobility!! Seriously, I admire creative marketing. 
I read with pleasure my colleague Lorna’s lovely column on the topic of fall gardening. I share her melancholy watching our beautiful plants shrivel up and die, but also rejoice that there is a good chance they will come back to life in the spring. Yes, I am a keen gardener, have been for oh, about twenty-five years, and I love to learn new gardening techniques and discover new plants… This year I chose to cut my daylilies down to a few inches above the soil… it looks nice and tidy in my expansive flowerbeds, and now I will offer some extra TLC to my house plants! As I write this, a lovely little ‘winter’ geranium is keeping me company, next to my laptop, ready to open its sleepy blooms again, and in the living-room in a shallow dish, a large collection of hens and chicks keeps me intrigued to find out if they’ll live through the winter…
My mother and grand-mother were also gardeners, and I probably inherited their patience, and fascination with all things that grow and bloom. I also love to own a healthy lawn, and I enjoy my neighbors’ towering pine and spruce trees. This is a good place as any to admit that I am constantly looking for unusual plants, and in this very public arena, I will confess to being a little greedy with perennials; if you have some that need separating, or thinned, let me know, I will bring my shovel and pails over, and I will adopt them and take good care of them! I am not opposed to transplanting perennials in the fall, so.. come on… one little plant?  lol
Let me know! You’ll find me at   dominique@pipestoneflyer.ca. Hope you’re enjoying our new Season of fallen leaves and cool weather! 

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