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25 years of Torch Run & Customer Service


As I always try to write positively, I will not expand on the topic of customer service that sometimes frustrates some of us: instead, I like to point out customer service providers who make a difference in our everyday lives. People such as Mebs and Parvez of the Black Gold Husky, who for years now, have cheered up local residents and dispensed kind gestures to our children and to our city’s visitors, truly are great ambassadors for Leduc!
An open mind to critique and feedback is a valuable asset that to the growth and success of a business: this was proven recently when a loyal customer mentioned to Jimmy, owner of Leduc’s Original Joe, that the front of his restaurant was quite dark, causing some difficulty for guests to find it in the early evening dusk. He immediately went to check on this and promptly came back to announce that he had addressed this issue: it turns out that his lighted sign was on a summer timer, and he rectified this, making sure the sign is lighted before 6pm. He was quite grateful for this comment, showing that there is a reason why this eatery is a popular destination in Leduc: attention to details and an openness to customers’ needs create superior service… Just sayin’!
The Pipestone Flyer was invited to attend a Devon celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Special Olympics TORCH RUN. A fan of this impressive sports event, I was happy to attend, and was truly impressed by the fun event the Holy Spirit School had prepared. Michelle Levasseur and Janet Guthrie of Devon’s Economic Development were dynamic hosts, playing a trivia game that had all 331 students (the entire school population, minus the kindergarten kids) eagerly raising their hands to answer the Games trivia questions and being quite vocal in enjoying the proceedings. 
A young athlete was introduced, bearing several medals around his neck: Evan James is a multi-disciplinary Special Olympics athlete who shared his passion for sports, and his enjoyment of victory. Representing the Devon RCMP Detachment, Sergeant Joyal and Constable Morin were proud to receive a plaque showcasing the 25-year involvement of the RCMP in the high-profile Torch Run.  Taking place June 21-23 2013, the Special Olympics will enlist hundreds of athletes from communities across the nation, and we look forward to cheering our own regional athletes in these games.
Although I can’t in all honesty ‘report’ on all the sweet community members who have passed away, I recently attended the memorial service of a gentleman who has done much for this community, and I want to share this with you. A healthy, dynamic farmer, WALTER BURAK was at 70, a caring family man, married to Marg for 46 years, a dad to Jacquelynn and a brother to Paul. A friend to many, his career was broadly invested in avionics at the Edmonton International Airport and his role as a co-founder of the Leduc West Antique Society, that amazing Old Town and Museum, west of Leduc on Highway 39.
A fan of traveling, Walter had enjoyed many fascinating trips and cruises with his lifelong companion, and was probably planning more of these when an accident on his tree farm robbed him and Marg of these happy plans. I knew Walter from many visits to events at the Alberta Heritage Exposition Park: also, Walter represented that Society at Leduc #1 Energy Discovery Centre board meetings and in my seven years on the board of directors, I enjoyed his quiet demeanor and valuable feedback. His support of his wife’s gardening endeavors at Leduc West was touching, as well as his popularity with people of all ages… So goodbye dear Walter, you will not be forgotten! 
The Pipestone Flyer has many friends who travel south for the winter. Many have left or are planning to leave  soon, or right after Christmas… Well, I want to remind you that if you want to stay in touch with the region’s news, you can read us online, simply visit pipestoneflyer.ca, and you can read the lead stories, as well as all of our columnists (including yours truly). Please join our faithful readers from around the globe who read us every week, and sometimes send us a note from their faraway home! 
I appreciate your friendly notes at dominique@pipestoneflyer.ca. Wherever you are, be safe, be happy, and let us know what you’re up to!

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