Dear Lucy

DEAR LUCY Mrs. Lucy Elizabeth Applebee

Dear Lucy,

    Well it is almost Christmas, and for the first time I thought I might make it to the shops prior to the Christmas rush and silliness that ensues in this lovely time of year!!!!!  I’m always in a good mood, and what I would consider a Christmas spirit, on my way to the store, all excited to look for things to make my children and grandchildren’s eyes sparkle. Unfortunately by the time I get through the throngs of people and the crazy nature of the malls I am such a Grinch that I can barely wait for the season to end!

Is there any way for me to capture and hold on to the Christmas spirit?

Feeling Christmas self-deprived 

My Dear “Feeling Christmas self-deprived”;

    There is much to say in favour of the attitudes you have expressed.  I believe we all go through the “Christmas blues” which I think is what you are describing.  When the hustle and bustle and the rampage and over exposure of the commercialism of this Christmas Season overwhelms us and we just wish for the season to come to a close.
    I know it is no different in my own life, the grandchildren come over clamouring with their lists of what they want (which I might add I do not even understand the names of), and I simply wish for the simplicity of when I was little and I was excited for the new dress mama had made for me or the new sweater grandmother would knit. I realise there was lots of work put into my new clothes, but I can’t see how it could have been nearly as much work as fighting my way through the hordes of people now a days.
    Even when I was a parent, my children did not seem to have the demands for Christmas that they have now.  Heavens to Betsy, I remember when the best thing I could get was a cradle for my daughters doll (of which she only had one – and we were not hard done by, I just saw no need for her to have multiples of everything).  When my children were little they were not inundated with the mass media advertising todays children are submitted too, but still it does seem excessive these days.
    Anyway I digress… my dear Feeling Christmas Self-Deprived, there is one factor I am compelled to include in this letter to you.  When I was small we went to church through the Advent season.  I still to this day delight in the lighting of the advent candles, but most especially there was one evening service called carols and lessons that I looked forward to every year.  I do not wish to seem as though I am pushing my beliefs on others by this tale, but instead imparting happy memories from my childhood.  Today, the “season of Christmas” is almost solely commercial and no matter what your personal beliefs are, there is little faith left in a seaon of peace and joy.   
    So to all my loyal readers, I wish you a blessed Christmas season, and may the peace of this time bring you  the rest you need.
    To you my dear feeling Christmas self-deprived, good luck with your shopping and perhaps, once you survive your Christmas shopping, you say a little prayer of grateful thanks that you survived it!!!
    Ladies and Gentlemen I bid you an excellent week and remind you to send all your questions or comments to 

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