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When Things Don’t Work Out

    Sometimes things just don't work out.  And sometimes, when that happens, it can be the most incredible thing! 
    I've shared my tale in the past about a magical road trip that only ended up being a success because we missed the turn-off… by about 80 kms.  The long and short of it is that, by the time we turned around, traveled back and made our way to where we were hoping to go, we got there just at the perfect time. The trip would have been a failure had we not missed that turn the first time around.
    As impatient as I can be sometimes, I must admit that I see this evidence time and time again.  Take my most recent car-buying experience.  I've been needing a new vehicle for a while now.  My first indicator was the second summer I owned the second-hand Buick Century, I had to replace the engine.  That's a pretty vital part of a car, apparently.
    Other than the engine, I've also had trouble with the starter, the brakes, the shocks and struts, the signal lights, the battery, the struts for the trunk, the body, the shocks again, the battery again, and the list continues to grow.  They say that the human body's cells replenish themselves entirely every 7 years.  At this rate, my car will undergo the same process in roughly the same period of time. 
    So I'm looking at new cars.  Ones with warranties.
    In fact, buying a new car is plan B.  Plan A was going back to school, mastering physics and inventing teleportation, but I just can't fit this into my schedule currently, so car shopping it is.
    Now one might think that car shopping could be a fun experience.  I might have thought so at one time.  The promise of driving around brand new vehicles, that fresher-than-fresh new car smell, and the options!  Just look at that visor mirror!  I could surely have fun picking my colour, choosing trims, discussing the leather and navigation packages- except I don't care about any of that junk.  
    The truth is, I wanted one car and one car only: a Jeep Wrangler.  And I've wanted one for a very long time.  I love that they're sporty, fun, different, tough, smallish and a bit higher off the ground.  But I really couldn't afford anything but a bare basic Jeep.  On top of this, they're a pretty popular vehicle.  Once in stock, they sell well and deals are nowhere to be had. And the only thing I like more than getting something I want, is getting a deal on something I want.
    Well the salesmen kindly gave my hope that I might be able to purchase the vehicle I was testing out, even though I knew it was about 30% more expensive than what I had budgeted.  Nice try boys.  When we couldn't strike a deal - shocker! - they helpfully suggest that I look at a Liberty instead.  They looked hurt when I politely declined.  I didn't tell them it's the car my grandma drives.  Let's remember that I'm currently driving a Buick Century.  I've had enough of feeling like a senior citizen.
        So I started praying, trying to hear something from God, perhaps some guidance.  I believe that He cares even for these slight concerns of ours, yes, even about buying a new car.  And I heard Nissan.  
    I hadn't considered a Nissan.  I know they're fairly reliable vehicles, and also the preferred make of one of my best friends.  So I went to the website and perused the crossovers and cars.  Rogues and Moranos, and even the tiny Versa.  But I don't want to drive a roller-skate.  
    Suddenly, I came across an odd-looking vehicle I had never heard of: the Juke.  At first, I thought, Juke? Is that a joke?  It's so strange… and exactly what I'm looking for!  It's small, great for one person, it's sporty, with a little turbo engine.  It has all-wheel drive.  It's fun and unusual and, to be honest, not as hot-selling as my beloved Jeep.  There are a ton of 2013s still in stock, and they're starting to sell them off at decent reductions.  And we all know how much I love a good deal!
    Well, I'm fairly certain I won't have to replace the engine within the next 2 years, which is the primary requirement of my new vehicle.  But I'm also fairly certain I never would have looked harder had I not been so diligent, stuck to my guns and held out for what I really wanted.  I never would have known about the existence of this other vehicle, one in which I can afford a few features and perks.  And I really can't tell you how excited I am to have a warm seat this winter!
    So if things don't work out the first time, that may just mean they're conspiring to work out even better than you could imagine. Keep holding out!

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