Editorial Comment

T’was the Night Before Christmas.

T'was the night before Christmas 
down here at the Flyer 
and all the through the building 
the staff were all tired.

All the copy was in and the 
proofs were all sent 
and we were hoping the day 
would soon come to an end.

The last pages would soon be 
safe at the press
and we all would be home 
snug and warm in our beds.

When out of the back came a 
burble and groan,
as our server gave up the 
ghost with a moan.

We all wrung our hands in 
dismay and despair
as thoughts of a late shift 
filled the night air.

I ran to the back to see 
what was the matter
and discovered that pages 
one, three and four were in tatters.

I made a few phone calls and to 
our great relief,
a bespectacled geek came 
to help with our grief.

He said not a word as he 
bent to his work
and a hush fell on those 
gathered to watch the wee jerk.

He looked like he had come 
from another time zone
and bore a resemblance to Bill Gates, 
or maybe his clone.

He wore tight trousers and 
looked kind of wierd
and had small screwdriver 
stuffed behind his left ear.

It soon was apparent he 
knew what to do 
as he deftly loosened 
each nut and each screw.

Before you could say Santa, 
or Christmas Tree Art,
the entire machine was 
a pile of bright parts.

He sorted and tested and 
called each by name
and made sure every gigabyte, 
rom and ram was the same.

On driver! On burner! 
On bios and Disk! 
On ASCII and firewire! 
On zipfile and Script! 

He prodded and poked and 
put them in place
and in one final gesture he 
closed the thing's case.

Then with a grin on his face 
he turned the thing on
and the machine came to life 
with a whir and a gong.

The aforementioned pages 
appeared as by magic,
the weird little guy had 
avoided the tragic.

As he picked up his tools and 
turned with a jerk,
he slipped me the bill 
for his fine evening's work.

He wished us a Merry Christmas 
and a very good night
and reminded me interest 
on his invoice started that night.

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