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    In "Christmas 1--God All Good," God, Father and Son and Holy Spirit, was recognized as the holy, perfect, good creator of all, and that He considered His creation to be "very good."  It was also recognized that God created humans in His own image to be His companions.
        In "Christmas 2--The Problem of Humans," evil appeared on the scene, first as the absence of good which occurred when Lucifer, the highest and most beautiful of all the created archangels, decided out of his pride, jealousy, envy, covetousness, and arrogance that he would declare himself equal with God.  Then evil appeared on earth as humans, influenced by Satanic temptation, disobeyed God.  The intellects of fallen angels and fallen people soon extended evil beyond the mere absence of good to all kinds of distortions, misuse and abuse of good things.
        So humans had become
God's problem.  Imaging His free-will, they had chosen to rebel against Him, but God still wanted their companionship.  He still loved them, but in His holy goodness and justice, could not tolerate their rebellion, their evil, in His presence.  However, God is all-knowing, so He had known that humans would choose to disobey, would not fully appreciate goodness until they had seen its absence, opposite and horror, and He already had a plan for restoring relationship with them, a plan by which He would take all of the consequences of human rebellion upon Himself.  It was not an instant-fix plan, but one that required preparation over an extended period of time.  Being eternal, God had and has lots of time.  There were two major parts to His long-term preparations.
        First, over the years there were always one, or a few, who were righteous, who knew God, who worshiped God in spirit and in truth.  At one point, there was only one righteous family, so after ample warning, God drowned the rest.  A few generations later, God established relationship with one man who still wanted to know Him, and from that man's descendants built a nation to be His people.  Through centuries and millennia of building that nation, leading it out of slavery, dispersing it under the rule of other nations when it fell away from worshipping Him, bringing it back to its land to restore it as a God-worshipping nation, and giving details about His coming solution to the human problem, God prepared the way for the beginning of His final solution.  God's solution would come through His people, the Hebrew people, in His nation of Israel.
        Secondly, God called individual men of the Israelites to be His spokespersons, to relay His messages to His people and to write down those messages as well as the history and details of His dealings with His people so that all mankind would have the written record of God's Word.  Through God's written Word and through God's created world, all people could know all that humans are capable of comprehending about our holy God.  Through God's written Word, all people could know what God created people to be and what He requires of those who choose to be His people. 
          With His people and His Word established, God waited until the events of human history were right for the broadest possible communication of His solution.  When the geographically greatest empire of ancient times was in place and had built its outstanding roads and established its peace with one common language throughout, God's preparations were complete.  All was ready for Him to reveal the first stage of His final solution.

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