Life's Doorway

My Funny Mommy

    Mothers.  They're so endearing, aren't they?  Even the ones that aren't find some method (guilt, bribery, reverse psychology) to win their children's love.   
    My mother is the 'genuinely endearing' kind.  In fact, she is loved by many people: her kids, spouse, her team at work, her colleagues and boss.  Yup, she's pretty popular, which is sort of interesting to me, because I haven't always been very popular.  I wonder, if my mother and I were the same age, would she even give me the time of day?
    But now, my mother is one of my best friends.  We 'get' each other.  When I make my way back home, usually once or twice a year at minimum, 'Mommy' and I always have a good laughing fit we lovingly call our 'ab workout'.  
    It doesn't take much, with her good humour and general hilarity.  She's quick to make jokes and can easily laugh at herself too.  
    Just before Christmas, for instance, we were prepping an East-Indian feast for my brother's birthday.  We wanted to make samosas and butter chicken, and I thought we should also add in some vegetables, so I suggested one of my favourite Indian dishes made of cheese and spinach.  It's called Palak Paneer, but mom misheard it as 'Pelican Ear'.  We teased her relentlessly about how most people might think it's the pelican's bill that is the delicacy, but little known fact: it's the ear. And my mom is a good sport.  
    When grampa - her dad - joined us for Christmas dinner, I was again reminded that humour runs in our family.  He's still quick, my grampa.  Even though he's well beyond 70, he's just as with-it now as ever before.  We were talking about Breaking Bad or some such show depicting the lucrative drug trade when my grampa turned to another guest and suggested that instead of working at the Brick furniture centre, perhaps he ought to go into another line of work involving bricks.  I was shocked and a little proud that gramps was able to make such a connection.
    But that's how our family is: really great at comedy.  Perhaps not so great at talking about the more serious stuff.  
    It can be a little hard to attempt a serious conversation, but I don't mind.  I've sometimes made it a game of "Just how awkward of a topic can I get away with?"  Can I talk about money and retirement?  Would it be uncomfortable to talk about sex?  Should I maybe bring up cholesterol and mammograms?
    In small doses, serious topics can be broached, but only if the tension can quickly be cut with some jokes immediately afterward.  I suppose, with how much thinking and analyzing and seriousness I tend to have in my life, having my hilarious mom is maybe the only thing that's kept me in balance.  
        Humour keeps a person young.  It certainly has kept my mom in touch with her youthful side.  Whenever she laughs or smiles, I feel like I'm looking at a teenaged version of her.  Her bright smile, with a hint of dimple next to each upturned corner of her mouth, and her eyes, appearing like two mini sunrises peeking over the tops of her pillowy cheeks.  We also have this hereditary gap between our front teeth - her, my brother and I. When I see her smile or laugh, I'm instantly reminded of just how close a connection we have.
    As I grow older, I start to realize she probably still feels a bit like that teenager.  I know I do.  I carry all of the younger versions of myself around with me all of the time, and sometimes I wonder where the time went between then and now.  
    Mom recently had a shock when she realized her bank was no longer going to be charging her bank fees… because she turned 55.  (But don't worry, it wasn't a serious shock and the paramedics didn't have to be called).
    It's a wonder to me how she always looks the same.  Yes, she always looks exactly 23 years older than me, always!  
    But seriously, if you haven't had a good think lately about your mom, and all of the ways she is or was wonderful, you may just want to take a moment.  Moms do the best they can.  Given how hard children are to deal with, frankly, I think any mother who makes it through rearing a child to adulthood must have developed a great sense of humour in order to stay sane!  
    I don't know what I did to luck out on having such a cool, funny mom, but I'd like to think, that by my same earlier logic, I must have had a part in it; I must have helped her to develop that sense of humour over the years, because as far as I can tell, she's still sane and isn't reliant on any illegal substances.  Way to go mom!  We'll celebrate later with some Pelican Ear.


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