Dear Lucy

DEAR LUCY Mrs. Lucy Elizabeth Applebee

    Well my dearest readers, it is 2014 Happy New Year!  I’m feeling another year older and, not to focus on the weather (goodness knows I do that often enough), everything aches; so I suppose that means I’m still kicking…
    First I must tell you about my lovely Christmas Eve spent with my son, daughter in law and the family in Edmonton.
    It was my daughter in laws first time cooking Christmas dinner for the family and I must say it was a superb first attempt!  I remember when my dear mother passed away, and it was my responsibility to take over the role as hostess and the stress that comes with that event.  So all credit to my daughter in law, and best of luck (it does become easier).
    Never mind I digress from my story…We had finished dinner and were just dressing to go to church, which truly warmed my heart to go to church with the whole family for the Christmas Eve Mass.  It is such a special memory for me remembering how, as a child, I would go with Father and Mother and my Grandparents, cousins, Aunts and Uncles etc at Christmas.  Then all of a sudden my oldest Granddaughter stated quite unequivocally that she was not going to church as they were all judgmental and hypocritical!  
    Well obviously I was a tad offended by this and quite concerned with her opinion.  I asked her where in the world she had gotten this notion.  I mean really Heavens to Betsy we have a new Pontiff who truly seems to be encouraging acceptance and love; which, in my humble opinion, should bring the younger generation back to the church…
    So here is the tale she told me. My Granddaughter is 23 years old; her boyfriend is 28 and divorced with a young son.  Now my future Grandson in law (congratulations to the happy couple as of Christmas morning) is not baptized into any faith, (so ripe for the picking if you ask me), however apparently there were people in the congregation judging my Granddaughter for choosing a “nonbeliever” and a “divorcée”, and she was feeling unwelcome in a parish she had been brought up in.
    Now obviously I’m quite concerned and (if it is true) offended!  A young gentlemen falls in love and decides (with no religious upbringing) to attend church and then is looked down upon?  Good lord it is diabolical!
    So my dear readers I have opted to “preach” to you my New Year’s Resolution through this article   “Judge Not and you will not be judged, condemn not and you will not be condemned, forgive and you will be forgiven”. Luke 6:37 ESV 
    We are all fallible human beings.  I have not lived a perfect life, nor has anyone I have ever met, but I truly believe it is God’s right ALONE to judge me in the end.
    So this year my dearest readers I will try and be more tolerant, more accepting, and more loving.  (My good friend Ester says if we are going to do this se will require something stronger than tea…).  That aside, no matter how we succeed I challenge all of us to accept our fellow man and pray that we can all be better people.

Love Lucy

    Again I would just like to remind all of you to please send any questions or notes to  And I wish you all a truly wonderful week.

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