March 16, 2017 · Updated 10:29 AM

County of Wetaskiwin No. 10 / Stu Salkeld

The issue of what is, or isn’t, acceptable when it comes to recreational vehicles in the urban parts of the County of Wetaskiwin will be discussed at an open forum Apr. 21.

The issue of RV use on lots inside residential areas has flared up since last summer. Some owners feel several RVs should be allowed, and some feel no RVs should be allowed on residential lots.

County assistant CAO Rod Hawken said in an interview Mar. 2 the evening meeting will open by a presentation from municipal staff followed by comments and feedback from the public.

At this point, Hawken said there is no need to pre-register for the meeting.

Those members of the public planning to attend don’t necessarily need to bring anything, but Hawken said if anyone is planning a presentation, the county would appreciate a copy of it for later reference.

Hawken said a previous meeting held in Buck Lake regarding the same subject was very emotional as some people’s summer vacation plans were affected by the lack of provision in the Land Use Bylaw allowing multiple RVs on parcels other than those zoned Recreation.

Hawken stated the Apr. 21 meeting seems to be leaning toward discussion around the maximum number of RVs allowed as well as conditions relating to the maximum allowed.

He noted in UR (urban residential) zoning, which is prevalent in villages such as Mulhurst Bay around Pigeon Lake, parcels are limited to allowing one RV on those lots with or without a permanent residence, which reflects the bylaw amended in the spring of 2015. Prior to that, zero RVs were allowed.

The open forum will be held on Friday, Apr. 21 in the Mulhurst Community Centre beginning at 7 p.m.