Alberta Mounted Shooters Association practices gain permit use for Alder Flats

County of Wetaskiwin mounted shooter practices see no complaints: councillor

The Alberta Mounted Shooters Association can now hold practices at the Alder Flats Rodeo Grounds, as the Alder Flats Rodeo Association has been granted a one-year community event permit by Wetaskiwin County council.

The permit allows practices to be held at the rodeo grounds from May 15, 2017 to Oct. 15, 2017. The permit stimulates practices can be held Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday for a maximum of four hours per day: 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and/or 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Assistant CAO Rod Hawken says the county worked with the groups to narrow the number of practice days and limit practices to specific hours in anticipation of community complaints.

The association held a temporary permit prior to council’s decision. It expired July 18.

“They’ve been practicing. I haven’t had any complaints,” said Coun. Lyle Seely.

County councillors approved the community event request at their July 18 meeting, under the following conditions:

As per the Discharge of Firearms bylaw, the Alder Flats Rodeo Association and Alberta Mounted Shooters Association must provide adequate liability insurance to assistant CAO Hawken.

As per the Discharge of Firearms bylaw, the Alder Flats Rodeo Association must agree to indemnify and hold harmless the County of Wetaskiwin, its employees and agents of and from any loss, cost, claims, expenses, action or demands of any nature whatsoever arising out of the organizers exercise of the permission herein granted.

As per the Discharge of Firearms bylaw, stating, “’Exemptions,’ A non-profit community society who has applied for a community event permit, and the permit has been approved by resolution by county council.”