Millet and District World War II Veterans   

Millet Area Veterans


Pipestone Flyer Issue



April 28th

Vol.9 Issue 17

F.O Jack Abraham 

Pte. Marin Alleman
CPL. James Herbert

Pte. Hazel M. Anderson

L/Cpl Peter Anker

Cpl. Melvin Aske

L/Cpl. Arthur Bakken

Pte. James Arthur Barr


May 4th

Vol.9 Issue 18

Pte. Melvin Pearly Barr 

Tpr. John Barrows
L.A.W. Phyllis (Bear) Loader

Pte Gilbert Blade

L.A.C. Harold Blize 

Pte. Patrick William

A.C.2. John Owen Brissard

L/Cpl. Charles Edward Brissard


May 11th

Vol.9 Issue 19

L.S. Arthur David Bamsey

Albert Burdon
Cpl. Cecil Barton Carr

Cpl. Walter Henry Charley 

Gnr. Bert Churchill

L/Cpl. Elizabeth M. Clarke

L.A.W. Cecilia Margaret Coady

F/Sgt. Francis Anthony Coady


May 19th

Vol.9 Issue 20

A. Maj. James Coady

Pte. Thomas James Cochrane
L.A.C. Henry Cockbain

L.A.C. Joseph Cockbain

Pte. Maurice Conner

P.O. William George Corlett

Pte. Aldena (Kalm) Crough

Pte. Philip Damiel William Crough


May 26th

Vol.9 Issue 21

Pts. Frank Cottrell

L.A.C. Chester Dahms
Cpl. Russell Dahms

A.Cpl. Virgil Herman

L.A.W. Helen Huke

L.A.C. James Frank Dolling Day

Spr. Frank Dickenson


June 2nd

Vol.9 Issue 22

Cpl. Kenneth Darlington 

Flt. Sgt. Reginald Dixon

Sgt. Arlie Douglas

Pte. George Henry Easterbrook

Cpl. Clifford Eaton

Pte. Edward Eidick

Pte. Dawn John Elder

Pte. Howard L. Elder


June 9th

Vol.9 Issue 23

Pte. John R. Elder

Gnr. Russell J. Elder

Pte. August Ertman

Pte. Jean Audrey Ferguson

W.O. James Sydney Ferguson

Pte. Robert Le Roi Ferguson

Pte. Arnold Fibick

Medic. Harry L. Fitz.


June 15th

Vol.9 Issue 24

L.A.W Ruth French

A.C.2 Howard John Fulcher

Pte. Kathleen Margaret Fulcher

Sgt. Arnold Furuness

L.A.C. Ernest Edwin Furuness 

Pte. Helmer Furuness 

L/Cpl. Eric Gibling 

Pte. George Martin Gibling 


June 23rd

Vol.9 Issue 25

AA.C. 1 Robert Gibling

Sgt. Arthur K. Glaser

Edward Glassman

Pte. Clifford August

Fl. Lt. James Weston 

Sgt. John Henry (Jack) Goin

Trp. Clarence Henry


June 30th

Vol.9 Issue 26

Pte. Joy Lee McConnell

L.A.C. Thomas Albert Gray

Pte. Alder Sanford Greenslade

Pts. David Ray Hagen

Pte. Robert William Hamilton 

F.O. William Frederick Harter

Sgt. Gordon Kenneth Higginson

Pte. Melvin John Hope


July 7th

Vol.9 Issue 27 

Cpl. Russell Hougestol

Cpl. Sydney Micajah

Pte. Clifford Jackson

L/Cpl. Douglas Jackson 

F.O. Harold Neilor Jackson

Pte. Benny Jehn

Cpl. Clarence Oscar Jevne


July 14th

Vol.9 Issue 28 

A.C.1  James Ernest Thorne Hoskins

Trp. Evan Theodore Lee Jevne

F.O. Norman Jevne

Pte. Lloyd Russell Johnson

Cpt. Rev. Morse Johnson

F.O. Walter O. Jones

L.A.C. Winston Jordan

Pte. George Kaasa


July 20th

Vol.9 Issue 29 

Lt. Sr. Gr. James H. (Jim) Karr

1st Class Pilot William Doane Karr

Pte. Tom Kelley

P.O. Gordon Kerr

Fl. Sgt. Kenneth Kerr

W.O.1 Lawrence Kerr 

L.A.C. Wilfred Ewart Kerr 

Sig. Leo Victor Kinchella 


July 28th

Vol.9 Issue 30 

Gnr. A. Alex Kovar

Cpl. Armin Kutzner

Pte. Herbert Emil Lange 

Sig. Herbert W. Lange 

Pte. (John) Craig Lawson

Sgt. Thomas Oliver Lawson

Pte. Leonard Stanley Gordon Lee 

L/Cpl. Vivian Terry (Mayke) Lee 


August 4th

Vol.9 Issue 31 

Sgt. Bradley Lewis

Capt. Herbert Lewis

Cpl. Charlie Loader

Frank Loader Sr. 

Sgt. Frank Herbert (Bert) Loader 

FL. Sgt. Walter Loader

Kenneth Lockhart


August 11th

Vol.9 Issue 32 

Lt. Sr. Gr. James H. (Jim) Karr

1st Class Pilot William Doane Karr

Pte. Tom Kelley

P.O. Gordon Kerr

Fl. Sgt. Kenneth Kerr

W.O.1 Lawrence Kerr 

L.A.C. Wilfred Ewart Kerr 

Sig. Leo Victor Kinchella 


August 18th

Vol.9 Issue 33 

Pte. John Mc Bryan

Pte. Harry Mc Callum

Cpl. Doris Mc Connell 

Fl. Sgt. Duncan Gilbert Mc Intosh W.O 2 Robert H. (Bob) McIntosh 

Capt. (Father) Mc Quaid

L/Col. Fran Meyers

Sgt. Frank Meyers


August 25th

Vol.9 Issue 34 

L.A.C. Gordon Phillip

L.A.C. Sever Clarence Moen

Sgt. John Arthur Moonen

Cpl. William Charles Moonen 

Cpl. George Eric Moore 

Howard Mullen

L.A.C. Robert Glenn

Sgt. William Riley Mullen


September 1, 2005

Vol.9 Issue 35 

W.O.2 James Henry Murdock

P.O. Bruce Mutch

L.A.W. Rita Newbold

W.O. Robert E.J. Olesen

Sgt. Mary Perlick

Pte. Ralph Perrin

Maj. Arnold Manfred

Lt. Arthur William


September 8, 2005

Vol.9 Issue 36 

L/Cpl. Clifford G (Jack) Pettigrew

P.O. Gordon Pettigrew

Sgt. Ernie Priestley

L/Bdr. Arnold F Pubantz

Pte. August Radis

Pte. Vernon Rathwell

Pte. Arnold Joseph Reading

Pte. Frank Edward (Ted) Reading


September 15, 2005

Vol.9 Issue 37

Sgt. Melvin George Reading

Cpl. Douglas Hall Reynar

Cpl. Oakley Reynar

Pte. Stanley Rigby

Pte. Charlie Robinson

Lt. Arthur Creighton

William J. Rogers

Fl. Sgt. Albert Roseberg


September 22, 2005

Vol.9 Issue 38

F.O. Adelbert (Del) Bateman Rowley

F.O. Tom Bateman Rowley

Cpl. Geoffrey Howard

Fl. Lt. Dallas W. Schmidt

Pte. John Schmuland

Charlie Schneck

Cpl. Gerald A. (Jerry) Scott 

Pte. William C.E. Scott 


September 29, 2005

Vol.9 Issue 39

P.O. Donald Sehlin

Cpl. Henry Sehlin

Pte. Thomas Sehlin

Ira Shaw

Cpl. Phillip Simpson 

Gnr. Art Smith

Sig. Clarence Smith

PSig. Harold Smith


October 6, 2005

Vol.9 Issue 40

Maj. Lloyd Smith

Albert Spilde

Sgt. Pilot Courtney L. Spooner

Sgt. Joan (Darlington) Strand

P.O. William Russell Strand Kenneth G. Swartz

Doug Thorn

Edwin Thorn


October 13, 2005

Vol.9 Issue 41

Pte. Helmuth Tiede

L.A.C. William Ralph Trathen

Pte. Henry Van Volkenburg

Cy Wagar

A.C. 2 Donald Allen Wagner

Pte. Albert Herman Warnke

Pte. August Paul Warnke

Carl William Warnke


October 20, 2005

Vol.9 Issue 42

Erwin Warnke

L/Bdr. Hartwig Berthold Warnke

Pte. Helmuth E. Warnke

Henry Warnke

Richard Warnke

William (Bill) Warnke

Sgt. Alastair Younie

L.A.C. Louie Bernard Wilk


October 27, 2005

Vol.9 Issue 43

Gnr. John Leonard (Jack) Wilkinson

Cpl. Bill Williams

James (Jim) Angus Wilson

L.A.C. Leroy Thomas (Tom) Wolf 

Pte. Ben Womacks

Sgt. Lyle Womacks

Pte. Harold Edison Wood 

F.O. Walter Edison Wood


November 3, 2005

Vol.9 Issue 44

W.O. 2 Charlie Wright

Cpl. Robert (Bob) Young

Clifford Alsberg

Leonard Dahms

Lloyd Dahms

John Duchuk

Hle Olaf Furuness

Ferdinand Ganske


November 10, 2005

Vol.9 Issue 45

Allen Gering

Heinz H. Grabia

David Graham

Joe Graham

Capt. Gordon Hougestol

O.S. Allan Jevne

Norman Johnson

Frank Larsen


November 17, 2005

Vol.9 Issue 46

George Larsen

Gordon Mellen,

Robert Boyd Meredith

Gault MacAllister

LAC Lloyd Maxwell Rupert

Pte. Clifford S. Elder

L.A.W. Ruth (Kean) French

L.S. Allan Douglas Redwood 


November 24, 2005

Vol.9 Issue 47

Pte. James Sehlin

Pte. Ross Sehlin

Horatio Solomon (Casey) Ayers

Leonard Burdon

Pte. Jesse Clark

Pte. Ernest Dahms

Cpl. James Butcher Day 

Charles Dowdell


December 1, 2005

Vol.9 Issue 48

Pte. Fred Elmo Easterbrook

Pte. Howard Alvin Fulcher

Mary Isobel (McVeigh) Fulcher 

Lt. Ernest (Cap) Richard Hoskins

Sgt. Torstein Reiarson Jevne

Herman Kern

Albert King

Melvin Lee


December 8, 2005

Vol.9 Issue 49

OS George McAuley

LS Harold McAuley

Sgt. Joseph James McAuley 

Daniel McDonough

Pte. Patrick McManus

Pte. Henry Moonen

Pte. Howard Morris

Pat Mullen


December 15, 2005

Vol.9 Issue 50

Pte. John Ray Nicoll

Maxim (Mike) Orlick

Gene Pinyon

Pte. George Joseph Reading

L./Cpl. Albert Delacey Rupert

Spr. Lloyd Maxwell Rupert

Pte. Richard Gavin Scott

Pte. Victor Allen Keith Scott


December 22, 2005

Vol.9 Issue 51

Pte. William Stanley Scott 

Edward Spooner

Pte. Charles (Carl) Justus Strand

William Tollefson

Jake Van Alstyne

Ross Van Alstyne

William Arrod (Bill) Van Alstyne

George Vorman


January 5, 2006

Vol.10 Issue 01

James Ogston Scott

L./Cpl. Gary Lee Goin

Eugene Dennis Dzuiba

M Cpl. Myron Christopher Furuness

Cpl. Ronald John Furuness

Lawrence Goodrich

Col. Gordon Hougestol

M. Cpl. Donald MacDonald

Cpl. Theodore Orlick 

Cpt. (R.D.) Donald Trathen

No Photos Available List

Photographs and information supplied by the
Millet and District Museum and Historical Society



Gnr. A. Alex Kovar Canadian Army, Served 3 years in France & Germany. Died of wounds received in action August 14, 1944

Cpl. Armin Kutzner Canadian Army, Served 5 years in United Kingdom and Continental Europe.


Pte. Herbert Emil Lange Canadian Army
Served 5 years 

Sig. Herbert W. Lange Canadian Army, Served 4 years in England, Italy, France & Holland.

Pte. (John) Craig Lawson Canadian Army, Served 4 years in England.

Sgt. Thomas Oliver Lawson Canadian Army
Served 6 years overseas. 

Pte. Leonard Stanley Gordon Lee Canadian Army, Served 5 years 

L/Cpl. Vivian Terry (Mayke) Lee Canadian Army Served 2 years 

Killed in Action





In Flanders Field

In Flander's Fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt down, saw sunset glow,
Loved, and were loved, and now we lie
In Flander's Fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch, be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flander's fields.

John McCrae


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