Former Liberals, mayors, premiers don’t speak for Alberta

Prime Minister Trudeau looking at B-list politicians as Alberta’s voice

New budget cuts about 3 cents on every government dollar

Spending had to be controlled or debt would skyrocket…moreso

  • Nov 1, 2019

Third, fourth in election could decide nation’s future

How long a minority government lasts is anyone’s guess

City of Wetaskiwin honours orange shirt day
30th Anniversary of twinning of City of Wetaskiwin and Ashoro Japan celebrated
Grand opening of Family Resource Network in Wetaskiwin
Indigenous Lives Matter protesters march in Wetaskiwin

Alberta seperation much more complicated than it seems

Separation would require huge sacrifices, questionable benefits

  • Oct 30, 2019

What’s wrong with populism?

Political parties are supposed to listen to us, not vice versa

UPDATED Provincial police force demands consideration

UPDATED High cost of RCMP officers discussed recently

Early childhood care is federal election issue

Wetaskiwin voters should be asking candidates about childcare

  • Oct 10, 2019

We hope people know ‘Newspapers Matter’

Newsprint may not be needed, but news certainly is

VAUGHAN: Local news stands up against authoritarianism, corruption

Supporting local newspapers ensures fairness in society

Taxing not the answer to debt problem: MLA Smith

Alberta has a spending problem, not revenue problem

  • Oct 3, 2019

UFOs again in the headlines

Silly belief that advanced civilization would visit this place

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau sets new standard for hypocrisy

Deeply hypocritical ‘brownface’ episodes should seal Trudeau’s fate

Amnesty International worried about Alberta’s publicity campaign

Meanwhile, critics of Vladimir Putin being murdered at alarming rate

Squeezing more and more out of consumers

Loot boxes in video game world are obviously gambling

Thorsby Hotel and Bar celebrates 90 years

MLA discovers set of 1965 plates for his wife’s Corvair

  • Sep 5, 2019

Looking back after 30th high school reunion

Editor hopes he’s had more success than mistakes

Local media is changing

Community papers have to adapt to reader demands

Video games don’t cause mass shootings

No link ever found between violence and video games

Reflections of summer

We better enjoy this while it lasts…

Crime, for the most part, can be prevented

Lots of strategies to prevent theft, vandalism, break and enter