A Stroll In The Snow

Pipestone Flyer

    Winter Walk Day arrives on February 5th this year and the City of Leduc is encouraging everyone to bundle up and enjoy the winter sights and sounds that abound in the great outdoors. 

    Winter Walk Day is organized by SHAPE Alberta (Safe, Healthy, Active, People, Everywhere) in an effort to encourage people to get outside and get active even in the winter. This will be the sixth year that Leduc has taken part in this event and the city is looking to break records with participation yet again in 2014. 

    Individuals are encouraged to get outside and walk for a minimum of 15 minutes and log in their time on SHAPE's website at www.winterwalkday.com. Historically, Leduc's level of participation has grown by leaps and bounds every year beginning in 2009 with walkers logging in 30,087 minutes (501 hours), in 2010: 43,815 minutes (725 hours), 2011: 66,694 minutes (1,111 hours), 2012: 82,023 minutes (1,367 hours) and finally after setting a goal of 100,000 minutes in 2013 participants logged in an incredible 163,800 minutes (2,730 hours).

    If you don't have a walking partner but find it hard to get the motivation to trek out on your own, several places around the city are hosting group walks such as the Boys and Girls Club and many of the schools. 

    Communities are also able to compete for awards from the Alberta Motor Association (AMA) based on participation.