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There is not much time left for shopping with only days remaining before Christmas morning arrives, seemingly with speed of stampeding reindeer, but you still have that one person left to scratch off your list. Everyone has someone on their Christmas list that is almost impossible to buy for, whether it's the fact that they always seem to have everything they need, they don't have any obvious hobbies or interests, or they are the family member or friend that inevitably responds with, "nothing" when asked what they want for Christmas.

Well maybe we can help you tie a bow on your finished list with some suggestions in this article. As someone who comes from a background with a family that has more than it's fair share of difficult "giftees" I figured I couldn't be the only person with this issue, and in asking around I discovered it was indeed, a very widespread phenomena. Particularly in this day and age where people tend to go out and buy whatever they want, when they want it, leaving it incredibly difficult to find any sort of gift, let alone that perfect gift, for someone. 

So, dear readers, in the hope that my years of stress and wracking my brain over my loved ones will bring you some relief and holiday peace with yours, I have compiled a list of (I think) unique and thoughtful gift ideas for the tough cookie on your list. 

Gift idea #1; Spread the joy and think of others. Does your giftee have a passion for children, cats, dogs, horses, dolphins, pandas, frogs, trees, or anything else that belongs here on the earth? If so, then there is definitely a worthy foundation that is trying to see to their well being. 

Find a local charity if possible, and make a donation in your giftee's name, then give your giftee a handwritten card, with a nice photo of what you have supported in their name, describing what you have done. Some charities will even provide you a photo of the specific child or animal that your gift has gone to support.    

Gift idea #2; Gift your time and attention. Make a coupon (or if you have the time and energy, a book of coupons) that tells your giftee what you are willing to do for them on their time frame. This gift could be slightly onerous on the giver, so before you decide to choose this gifting option, make sure that you are committed to the idea that the coupon(s) might be "cashed in" at an inconvenient time for you. But that is part of the meaning behind this gift; that the giftee means enough to you to go out of your way for them with a smile on your face. 

Coupons could consist of anything from shovelling their walk this winter, to helping them plant their garden in the spring, to washing their car, to baby-sitting, or even going on a movie date (that you pay for) when their chosen film hits theatres.  

Gift idea #3; Gifts from the hearth and home. Everybody seems to be running short of time nowadays, particularly when it comes to getting things done for themselves. Home made gifts such as Christmas baking, pre-cooked frozen meals, or jars of jams, jellies or pickles from your garden would always be enjoyed. Just make sure you are very aware of any food sensitivities or allergies that your giftee might have. A trip to the hospital on Christmas Day is not exactly a welcomed gift!

Alternatively, if you are a talented artist, many people are too shy to ask, but one of the pieces of your original artwork is a wonderful way to say how much you appreciate your giftee. 

Gift idea #4; Golden memories. Decorate a glass jar or similar lidded container with photos of your giftee and you, appropriate newspaper or magazine clippings, glitter, or whatever works for you, then cut out 52 strips of paper. Write a fond or funny memory you have of your giftee on each strip of paper and tuck them in the jar. Now write a card with instructions for your giftee to start each week right by taking out one strip of paper and reading it every Sunday throughout the year. This is the gift that keeps on giving right through until next Christmas!

Gift idea #5; Tell them how you really feel. This is a particularly meaningful gift for any person to receive. How often have you sat down and taken the time to tell that special giftee in your life how you really feel about them? Well there is no time like the present! Write a letter, make a video tape, or if you have the time, even a storyline scrapbook, and tell your giftee exactly what they mean to you. Don't rush it, make it as long and wordy as you need to. This is definitely a present that makes both parties feel like they have received a wonderful gift.

I hope this list will help a bit for those of you who are stuck on what to get their "special" someone for Christmas this year. But even if you are one of those uber-organized types that had everything purchased and wrapped by Halloween, we at the Pipestone Flyer have one more gift for you. We wish one and all the Blessing of a Yuletide filled with joy and happiness, surrounded by loved ones, and full of the wonder and peace of the season. Merry Christmas everyone!