Halliburton Decision Delayed

Pipestone Flyer

Leduc – The County of Leduc’s decision to approve Halliburton’s development permit for a chemical mixing and storage facility has been deferred for the second time to April 22nd.

    The permit had been deferred at the Feb 25th meeting to provide time for two hired consultants to conduct a risk assessment of the proposed development. Unfortunately the assessment was unable to complete a key component that examined the potential long-term health effects of the facility.

    Rather than discuss an incomplete report the County decided to defer the discussion to April 22nd when the report should be completed. Councilor Audrey Kelto asked that the complete report be available on the County’s website to allow all interested parties access prior to the presentation to the Council on the 22nd.

    County administration indicated that it would be a challenge, but they would post the report by April 8th on the County’s website for viewing. 

    Halliburton’s proposal has attracted the attention of numerous residents skeptical of Halliburton’s claim the facility is the state of the art in safety and would not emit nauseous odors or fumes. A large number of citizens attended the March 25th Council meeting to express their opposition to the proposal and plan to return to the Council’s April 22nd meeting.