Married couple receives Merlyn Fontaine Memorial Neighbourhood Award. Submitted/ Lakedell Ag Society

Married couple receives Merlyn Fontaine Memorial Neighbourhood Award. Submitted/ Lakedell Ag Society

Married couple receives Merlyn Fontaine Memorial Good Neighbour Award

Lakedell Ag Society selected Perry and Dalyce Sundquist to recieve this year’s award

This year’s nominees for the Merlyn Fontaine Memorial Good Neighbour Award have helped to create a feeling of belonging and connectedness in the community. Through their volunteerism, generosity, and random acts of kindness, they have helped to make life better in many communities surrounding Pigeon Lake including Westerose, Lakedell, Pigeon Valley, Falun and Usona.

There is no doubt that they have made our community a better place, which is why Perry and Dalyce Sundquist should be this year’s recipient of the Good Neighbour Award.

Both Perry, a lifetime resident, and Dalyce, who has been in the community for more than 30 years – since the couple was married in 1989 – have been going above and beyond the normal call of duty for just as long.

They have provided care and support for others, always lend a hand when needed, and are some of the most friendly faces in our community.

Perry and Dalyce regularly help to lift community spirits through their helpful gestures. Dalyce is well known for sending flowers or dropping off food to anyone who needs cheering up, is having a birthday, or experiencing a loss. You will see her constantly offering words of support and advice on the Pigeon Lake Positive Facebook page — for example sharing postings of lost animals or providing neighbourly recommendations.

For the farm families in the community, the local grain tester is kept at Sundquists for whoever wants to come and test their grain. Dalyce always ensures there is a bowl of chocolate bars or candy by the tester to help brighten their day.

Perry who is widely known for his caring disposition and upbeat personality, has been known to make home visits as Santa on Christmas Eve to help spread the magic of Christmas, bringing cheer and wonder to all the kids in his neighbourhood without ever being asked. These are memories that will be cherished forever.

Chances are if you are a neighbour of Perry’s and your road or yard was icy and it’s been sanded, it was Perry.

Over the years, Perry has also been a great steward and advocate for the agriculture industry. He was assistant leader for the Lakedell 4-H Beef Club. He has represented the collective interest of beef producers in the area as an Alberta Beef Producers delegate in order to ensure a sustainable competitive industry. He also supports local family farms whenever possible, year round, whether it be helping those that need an extra person for their fall harvest by combining, hauling grain or fixing equipment,or being neighbourly lending a helping hand on a cattle move.

Both Perry and Dalyce are no strangers to volunteerism in our community organizations.

In the past, Daylce has volunteered with victim services helping to provide emotional and practical support to victims of crime. Perry regularly supports his good friend Darrel Fipke with the Lakedell Community Cemetery by preparing the sites for funerals or just fixing up the cemetery.

Through their contributions both Perry and Dalyce have helped to support and energize the Lakedell Agricultural Society.

Dalyce was paramount in the establishment of the Lakedell Bullarama, which is still one of Lakedell’s biggest fundraisers to date. She initially started the successful event and solely organized all the logistics prior to the event day, only to have volunteers help set up and the night of. In the early years, the event was held on New Years Eve, but was changed to the spring because it was becoming quite challenging to find volunteers at that time of year.

Perry has been the acting President and was on the board from 1993 to 1998. He has helped in the development of community events and continues to volunteer throughout the year at various events behind the scenes, whether it is donating sand to the arena, setting up chairs and panels, personally hauling or loaning out the cargo trailer that Darrell and him own to be used throughout the community in order to hall equipment needed for the ag society events, such as chairs for the bullarama.

It’s through their actions and commitments that Perry and Dalyce have helped to improve the quality of life in our community and have made it a better place to live. We are forever grateful for their commitment to making our community stronger.

The kind heartedness of both of them have helped to make many lives in the community richer. Our community is better off because of the Sundquists, and we could not be more appreciative of their efforts.

—Lakedell Agriculture Society