Millet Christmas Light Decorating Contest

Pipestone Flyer

Judged by the Millet Seniors, the results of the 2013 Millet House Decorating Contest are in:

1st 127 Jubilee Road    James and Jacqueline Fricke

2nd 4827-53 Avenue     Mike and Myrna Lalande

3rd 162 West Lib. Cr.      Mike and Joy Storey

Honorable Mentions:

5135-53 Avenue               Stan and Marilyn Kroening

5143-53 Avenue          Jeff and Amy Adams

#44 Kalmac               Don Spaidal 

#28 Kalmac                    Delilah Bleich

#19 Midland Trailer Park   Debbie Sterling

#28 Midland Road             Barry and Linda Felske

#13 Midland Road             John and Carol Janzen