Recirculating Water

Pipestone Flyer

    The Leduc Splash Park will be using recirculated water instead of a spray and drain system after City of Leduc councillors approved a $155,000 budget amendment.

    Community and Protective Services general manager Darrell Melvie told council that a recirculation system will cost more initially but will save the City money in the long run and save money….and the water will be slightly warmer. It’s anticipated that over ten years, a recirculation system will cost the City $230,000 less than a flow-through system. The proposed system will also make it possible to switch to a flow-through should there be an extended shut down of the recirculated system due to water quality issues.

    Aquatics staff working at the Alexandra Outdoor Pool will be monitoring water quality as part of their duties, so new staff will not have to be hired and trained if the Splash Park were located elsewhere in the city.

    “It’s an investment because we will get that money back” said Councillor Dave Mackenzie. “It allows the park to have big toys with lots of water without us having to count pennies. Recirculation buys a better experience for the users.”

    The aviation-themed splash park will have 30 water components and a dry land component. It is expected to be open in the Spring 2015. The outdoor pool will be closed for the summer while the splash park is under construction.

    Council passed the motion to purchase a recirculation system unanimously at their April 28 council meeting.