Sons of Souls

Pipestone Flyer

    If you want to know what the Sons of Souls Charity Riders are all about, these words that they live by should sum it up for you.”We are A Charity Riders Club. We help those people with disabilities and individuals who may be down on their luck or just need a helping hand.  We pride ourselves in the daily contribution to individual and community well-being. We believe that by sharing common values we can increase the opportunity of each individual in the community”

       If you think you can’t do this, Founding President James, ‘Jay Dee’ has a theory on that,” I don’t believe in the word can’t. The degree is negotiable not the can. Everybody can do something. ”Founding Vice-President Brett ‘Koas’ has a philosophy too, “If you want something, go get it. If you don’t, sit back and watch somebody else get it.”

   The Sons of Souls approach to changing the world is a simple one, just do something. ‘”People get bogged down, thinking it always has to be a grand gesture, the littlest things help and are often overlooked” they point out. If you have any doubt of this give someone who has absolutely nothing a sandwich and bottle of water. You may not always be able to solve someone’s problems, but you can always do something to make their day a little brighter.

        Support your local food bank, donate clothing and other household items, mentor a youth, shovel someone’s walk who is unable to, hold a door, just try to do something every day. “If you made somebodies day a little brighter and easier, you’ve done your job” says Kaos. “Random Acts of Kindness are easy to do and often cost nothing but your time. You never know the ripple effects you might set off.”

       Sons of Souls Charity Riders Club support a variety of causes seeing no need to limit themselves.” There’s no limit to the need out there, so why would we limit who we help,” says Jay Dee. “Helping is simple:  just get off your butt and do it.” The world is a little brighter place when we all lend a helping hand and remember that we are our brothers’ and sisters’ keeper.

         Love, Light & Respect – Sons of Souls Charity Riders Club Motto.    

        You can visit the Sons of Souls Charity Riders Club a