People’s Party of Canada candidate Tyler Beauchamp/ Facebook.

People’s Party of Canada candidate Tyler Beauchamp/ Facebook.

Meet your Candidate Edmonton-Wetaskiwin: Tyler Beauchamp (People’s Party of Canada)

Candidates for the upcoming Federal Election on Sept. 20 answered pressing platform questions.

Candidates for the upcoming Federal Election on Sept. 20, 2021, answered the Pipestone Flyer’s questions to give voters a better idea of who is running for them.

People’s Party of Canada (PPC) candidate Tyler Beauchamp:

Why do you want to be a local representative for this party?

TB: Tyler believes that the Liberal Government is destroying this country, he believes the Conservative Party is aligned with the Liberal Party, which is why Canadians are not protected, Tyler believes that both the NDP, and Green Party do not respect Alberta, do not work in the best interest of Canada, and will do nothing more than hurt the Alberta oilfield even further.

If somebody was to ask you ‘why should I vote for you’ what would you say?

TB: Tyler is not a professional politician, he believes in being honest, direct, respectful, and always open to new and innovative methods of getting a job done. Tyler wants to represent the people of this riding as he believes that our voices are not being heard, and our concerns are not being addressed at home, or in Ottawa. Tyler believes the community needs a representative that loves Alberta, loves the Alberta oil industry, and has worked alongside the amazing people of the Edmonton – Wetaskiwin communities. Tyler Beauchamp is exactly that, a hard-working Albertan that wants nothing more than to serve its people.

What is your professional political experience and how do you feel it would lend to your time in office if you are elected?

TB: Tyler Beauchamp is a husband, father, and grandfather, originating from Quispamsis, New Brunswick where he was raised with traditional Christian values. Tyler relocated to Edmonton in the late 90’s to work in the oilfield, and he has remained in the oilfield ever since. Tyler holds a master’s degree in business finance and has completed formal education in Occupational health and safety, as well as psychological health and safety. In addition, Tyler is a certified Project Manager, Gold Seal Safety Professional, and National Construction Safety Officer. Professionally, Tyler serves as the Director of Health and Safety for a mid-level oilfield maintenance company that operates in Alberta, and the United States.

Which of your party platforms do you feel will impact the local area the most and why?

TB: Tyler also believes that the people of this riding have had enough of the Lies, Corruption, and Governmental Control; he believes that the people value their freedom, and another term with any of the traditional parties will result in a complete loss of freedom, in which we will never get back. Tyler believes it’s time for change, its time for a new government, it is time to stop the tyranny. Tyler believes the only option on September 20, 2021, is for the people to vote for change by voting for the People’s Party of Canada.

If elected what are your priorities while in office?

TB: Tyler is a founding member of the People’s Party of Canada “PPC” and believes that the PPC is the only party that is standing up for the Constitutional Rights of the Canadian People. The PPC are the only conservative party in Canada now that all other parties have aligned with the Liberals. As a representative of the people of this riding, and working with the PPC, Tyler intends on:

• Fighting for the Constitutional Rights of Canadians

• Fighting against the Vaccination Passport

• Fighting against the Mandatory Vaccination mandates

• Stopping all Lockdowns and letting people live their lives

• Fighting against the current and any future Carbon Taxes

• Getting everyone back to work, and

• Getting our Oilfield back to doing what we do best!

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