NDP candidate Hugo Charles

NDP candidate Hugo Charles

Meet your Candidate Edmonton-Wetaskiwin: Hugo Charles (NDP)

Candidates for the upcoming Federal Election on Sept. 20 answered pressing platform questions.

Candidates for the upcoming Federal Election on Sept. 20, 2021, answered the Pipestone Flyer’s questions to give voters a better idea of who is running for them.

NDP candidate Hugo Charles:

Why do you want to be a local representative for this party?

HC: My values are very much aligned with the NDP platform. I currently live and worked in this riding for several years and as the local representative I will advocate for much needed support for hardworking families and small businesses alike.

If somebody was to ask you ‘why should I vote for you’ what would you say?

HC: I will encourage residents in this riding to vote for me so I can be their voice in Ottawa. As the MP I will fight for affordable housing, universal pharmacare, reconciliation and a sustainable economy that creates well-paid jobs.

What is your professional political experience and how do you feel it would lend to your time in office if you are elected?

HC: This is my first time running as a federal candidate, however, I am currently a board member of Leduc Parks and Recreation & Cultural Board. This board serves as an advisory to Leduc City Council in the capacity of Parks, Recreation and cultural activity of which the final decision is made by the city council. I enjoy working in collaboration with others to get things done.

Which of your party platforms do you feel will impact the local area the most and why?

HC: The two party platforms which I think impact the area most are affordable housing, and universal pharmacare. Shelter is a basic human right and we have seen over the years how this basic right becomes harder to be achieved by hardworking families. We have homlessness in Wetaskiwin, Leduc and Edmonton. Pharmacare is very important. I don’t think anyone should be a millionaire to afford prescription drugs or medication for a rare disease. We have an aging population and we must provide and take care of our seniors.

If elected what are your priorities while in office?

HC: My focus will be on affordable housing, universal pharmacare, reconciliation and creating well paid jobs from coast to coast to coast.

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