Liberal candidate Ron Thiering

Liberal candidate Ron Thiering

Meet your Candidate Edmonton-Wetaskiwin: Ron Thiering (Liberal)

Candidates for the upcoming Federal Election on Sept. 20 answered pressing platform questions.

Candidates for the upcoming Federal Election on Sept. 20, 2021, answered the Pipestone Flyer’s questions to give voters a better idea of who is running for them.

Liberal candidate Ron Thiering:

Why do you want to be a local representative for this party?

RT: I feel it is very important that we have an Albertan voice in a re-elected Liberal Government. I was born and raised in Alberta, I’m an Albertan. I understand the challenges that Alberta faces. This province matters to me, and it is important that we have a western perspective in Ottawa.

If somebody was to ask you ‘why should I vote for you’ what would you say?

RT: Any body that knows me knows that I’m a consensus builder and a bit of a workaholic. If you are going to run for MP, you’re going to have to show results for your constituents. I’ve never been scared of hard work or tackling the hard issues.

What is your professional political experience and how do you feel it would lend to your time in office if you are elected?

RT: The raceway, the business I have run for the last 27 years is a very political business. It’s a people business. On a daily basis we deal with Fans, Competitors and on the corporate side we deal with the small business owner looking to grow their business through a relationship with us to large multinational corporations looking for a presence in the local market. These kinds of experiences are what I would bring to the table as the MP for this riding.

Which of your party platforms do you feel will impact the local area the most and why?

RT: We need to continue to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. We cannot resurrect the economy until Covid-19 is under control.

The “$10 A Day” daycare plan put forward by the Liberals will make a huge impact on young women and families entering and staying within the workforce. Right now, daycare is very cost-prohibited. Right now, we have 8 Provinces & Territories that have signed onto this Agreement. Albertans need to put pressure on the current Alberta Conservative Government to adopt the Federal Liberal’s $10 A Day program to offer young families the ability to move ahead.

If elected what are your priorities while in office?

RT: It is very important to me to help Alberta get out of their current “BOOM” & “BUST” cycle. We need to diversify the Provincial economy. We need to make more out of the products we pull out of the ground. That’s where the good jobs are.

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