Letter to the Editor

Concerning “Halloween Campaign”

Miss Dansereau,

I read your editorial every week, and I find myself very disappointed with the quality of your column.

Halloween is the Devil’s Night. By putting out ghastly decorations, we are teaching young children that murder, pain and horror are ‘fun’ subjects. Why are we focusing on “putting energy into Halloween decorating”, to “really boost the morale” of the people in our county? Many times as a child, I was horrified and sick to my stomach, just viewing people’s gory house fronts as we drove through town. I am certain that I am not the only person out there who has had this experience. I am a high schooler now, and I still can barely stand the wickedness I see all around me.

Death is sad, and can be a scary thing for many people. I do not understand why we are striving to make this holiday “stand out”.

Thanksgiving (like Halloween) marks only one day of our calendar, yet we only celebrate Thanksgiving on its allotted day, while Halloween is being drug on and on. We should instead be focusing on the beauty of creation, of harvest, of the autumn, that the Lord has given us once again.

Promoting violence does not boost anyone’s morale, it genders the problems that we are (apparently) trying to help children overcome.

I believe we should be glorifying the Lord during these discouraging times, and encouraging each other this autumn.

— Sonora Smith, Millet