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Letter to the Editor

Letter by Larry Hiebert

Dear Editor,

A few days ago my church here in Wetaskiwin was broken into. They broke a window, climbed in, walked around, but fortunately there was nothing stolen except our peace of mind.

During these COVID times we go to the church to find comfort and feel the spirit of God and the camaraderie of loving people, having someone come along and break a window in Gods house tends to make me upset and angry.

This isn’t the first time my church has been damaged, last year some goons sprayed graffiti on the two walls and then broke a window.

When you walk or drive around Wetaskiwin one is bound to see numerous buildings with broken windows or gaudy graffiti, despicable! Whoever these culprits are, I say, “get a stinkin’ life!”

Thanks for letting me vent!

— Larry Hiebert, Wetaskiwin