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Letter to the Editor

“Tension in Wetaskiwin” Article= Good Journalism

Dear Editor,

I appreciated and enjoyed reading the article, “Tension In Wetaskiwin” (Pipestone Flyer, August 19). It reported on the closing of the Hub, and the almost simultaneous establishment of a small ‘tent city’ ‘on the grounds of the Rock Soup food bank in Wetaskiwin.

The article was a satisfying read because it was thorough, presenting all sides of this ongoing story without taking any side. The reporter, Ms. Shaela Dansereau, in not revealing her opinion, was able to give me a clear understanding of this multi-faceted and multi-layered human problem in our community.

I appreciate solid investigative journalism that uses facts to back up the story. It has been said that ‘the fewer the facts, the stronger the opinion’ (Marcus Aurelius, 160-180 AD). I believe that any story worth reporting involves more than one person’s point of view.

I also appreciate reading stories about actual events too, especially in my own backyard; and even more so when they are handled so professionally.

I appreciated the positive tone that was held throughout this trying, and even heartbreaking story. All the players on each level are facing seemingly impossible problems which have to be resolved somehow. And yet the writer did not give in to opining. Speaking of a positive tone and in relation to this story, Muhammed Ali once commented, “impossible is not a fact. It is an opinion.”

I appreciate journalism that includes fairness, an absence of bias, honesty, accuracy, and sentence structures that I can understand. When I finish reading such a story, as demonstrated above, I know that I have been given a gift. Thank you.


Jim Gordon