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Letter to the Editor: Jason Kenney’s travelling MLAs

I’m 73, I live 30 minutes south of Edmonton, I’m sitting here in my recliner reading about the latest news. I’m now furious!

Since when does Jason Kenney have the luxury of dismissing truth? This nonsense about simply scolding legislators after they have returned from their little holidays is infuriating. I’m infuriated by their actions and equally infuriated by Kenney’s actions.

Are we as electors so simple that we create the impression we’re unable to understand how the human mind works? Am I, at 73 years of age incapable of understanding how this display reeks of the smell of lack of integrity. Do the actions of these people not fly in the face of what the public who are instructed to “trust” as our elected officials? Prior to being elected, these folks were no different than ourselves. What becomes them? Who do they think may not hear about their antics? Thank god for the free press is what I say.

And please don’t insult us even further by implying that they didn’t know. They didn’t know? They didn’t understand the rules? The same rules that everyone else seems to understand? Don’t insult the public like this. Everytime the public’s trust is shredded it creates more of a natural desire to wish for change. These folks are on the inner circle so don’t even attempt to pretend they didn’t know. How insulting! How embarrassing. How disgusting!

Believe me…and I couldn’t be more sincere. I’m sending this little narrative to as many people as I can. I’m so fed up with the behaviour of this governments handling of this pandemic. The most highly trained people in the world that we in Canada are so fortunate to share, is pleading with us: pleading! And yet, look at our behaviour including that of government officials that we helped elect. And they, after being on the inner circle, after being blessed with our endorsement, being blessed with reasonable intelligence pull this stunt. They have zero, zero way of knowing whether they intentionally or unintentionally carried, spread or were exposed to this virus in their travels. And your leader scolds them?

Believe me; this is not over!

Thanks for your time,

— Nels Jevne