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Letter to the Editor: Premier Kenney’s COVID-19 Mandates

Letter to the Editor by Pamela Smith
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Dear Ms. Dansereau,

I missed the Black Press Media’s poll about the mask. I see at least 18 people said - no, it shouldn’t be mandatory!?! I am very glad to read your articles, for the sake of all Albertans.

I read your “Letter to Kenney”. Thank your for spotlighting that report by the AG. Yikes!

Below is a letter I sent to Mr. Kenney. (And the opposition caucus, and the Lieutenant gov. of AB, and the college of physicians and surgeons, and more.) If your time is short then read the 2 lines below, in purple. It shows, with absolute clarity, his further inconsistency.

November 25, 2020:

Letter to Premier Kenney;

The mandatory mask measures you announced last night had already begun in July 2020, because the mayors of Calgary and Edmonton are responsible leaders.

Summary: your announcement was nearly meaningless

Mandating that people sharing a table in restaurants must be from the same household is likely unenforceable.

Summary: your announcement was nearly meaningless

Mandating that people generally cannot host non-members-of-household in their own home is likely unenforceable, except in the most egregious of instances.

Summary: your announcement was not very meaningful

Your assertion that stricter measures would be a violation our Charter of Rights and Freedoms as Canadians is a misrepresentation: shall we abandon drinking and driving laws, smoking bylaws, and speed limits, so that people may live more freely? Your assertion appears to politicize the health of Albertans. (Are you ideologically courting those who are already against covid-19 health measures? Because this could sew division in Alberta… Oh… I forgot, you’re smart, so you already know that.) Furthermore, you made that assertion while you simultaneously told people you will control the numbers of persons on their own private property. Lastly, you made that assertion while already codifying your right to fine people $25K for protesting while standing on a sidewalk

Summary: inconsistent and irresponsible behaviour on your part

Your dangling inference that, well… “I HOPE the federal government will help us” is negative, baseless, political innuendo, during a time when we sorely need collaborative leadership.

Summary: unproductive and irresponsible behaviour on your part

We are all aware that weak action is an agenda of sorts. Some may call it weak leadership. I say it is no leadership at all. While you seem very smart and extremely hardworking, you appear to be the opposite of a true leader as you push your own agenda, not any platform endorsed by the majority of Albertans. You seem to be pretending at leadership, while undermining, dividing, and misrepresenting.

Under your watch we are witnessing the attempted determined erosion of our Alberta public health care system. You are discussing lowering payments for vulnerable Albertans (AISH), but you’ve committed to a strangely-timed $1.5B investment plus $6B loan guarantee for Keystone XL. We have seen AIMCo lose $4B of Albertans’ pension money. And - perhaps most insidious - you engage in secession baiting. I’m really not sure whose back you have, but you appear not to have the back of the Alberta I was born in, have grown up in, and love. And your government has, without doubt, demonstrated over and over that you do not have the back of our public health care system or those who work in it.


Pamela Smith, Alberta Canada